Titlu: FIFA 18 Tutorial: FIFA 18 Tutorial Defending For UT Mode
Jurnal: I’m sure, a plenty of game players have no idea about the tips or tricks of the defending in FIFA 18 UT mode. buy cheap fifa 18 coins  Here we provide the tutorial of defence and attack tutorial for FIFA 18 UT Mode, you guys can check it and gain a better gameplay skills. How to improve your defending The first level of defending is catching the ball. This defending stylei s commonly use between the players which are under the Gold level. This level of players have less skills and just look at the opponent without doing anything. Following the opponent running around. The second level, intercept the ball. This level of players can notice the formation and situation of the whole ground and fill up the empty position in need. Eventhough they like to do the same thing (catching the ball) as the first level players, they are more smart,  best fifa coin sites  they can take the best position to intercept the ball and won’t give the chance to opponent to make a threat. The final level is steal the ball. They have a nice reaction, they can judge the intention of the opponent in advance according to the action and orientation of the opposing player. They will get close to your player and steal the ball before or during you passing at the passing lane. If you put the simple skills of defending and attacking together, your attacking and defending skills will be more diversified and you will easily win the game in FIFA 18. Or just check  to play now.