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Jurnal: Broadband router, as a product specially designed for 30" Heat Exchange AC Inverter Portable Evaporative Air Cooler broadband sharing Internet access, is becoming more and more popular with users and SOHO users who need to share Internet access because of its advantages such as simple and convenient shared Internet access, high security, flexibility and reliability. Today we will give you a detailed description of how to use broadband routers to share the Internet. Help those friends who need to buy and buy broadband routers. The use of broadband router to share Internet access, we have to go through the PC machine on the Internet and broadband router sharing settings, here I use the number of wide broadband router software to ecogreen gradually explain, assume that the user has all the hardware are correctly connected only to explain how to set up a broadband router to share the content of the Internet, set the interface and function of normal broadband routing are similar, so these settings are also applicable to other broadband router products. 1, the setting of the broadband router. After the hardware connection is completed, we need to have a PC that has been connected to the High Lumen Waterproof Aluminum 20w 30w 50w 100w Dimmable Integrated Solar Led Street Light With Sola of a broadband router for specific settings. Before setting up, we should confirm that this machine is equipped with TCP/IP network protocol. The machine used by the author is XP operation system. The settings of other operation system platforms are almost the same. Here's a look at how we need to configure this PC. Configure the TCP/IP option for PC: Right click the online neighbor icon of the desktop and click the "property" option. Click the big picture to select the local connection in the pop-up window, and right-click the select "properties" option. Click the big picture at this time and double click the "Internet protocol (TCP/IP)" option in the pop-up dialog. Click the big picture to select the "use the IP address" option in the pop-up dialog box, and then we can set the PC IP address. The IP addresses of broadband router are usually, so when configuring, we need to configure PC settings and broadband routers in the same network segment. Here, we set the PC's IP address to, the subnet mask, and the default gateway of Click here to see through the above settings, we can visit the router configuration specific, first double-click the desktop IE browser, in the address bar enter the IP address. First, double-click the desktop IE browser, in the address bar enter the IP address. Click to see the big picture when you enter the return car, we can see the configuration interface of this router. Because it is the first configuration, it does not need to verify the user name by default. Some broadband routers will need user names and verification, such as D-Link products, the default user name is Admin, and the default password is empty. When encountering user name and password verified products, we can see the user name and password related content in the product manual. Then, we click the "install wizard" option, which goes into the router's configuration wizard interface. This page will show a welcome interface for the configuration wizard, and we can click the next step to continue the configuration. Click here to see when there will be an option in Internet access interface, this interface we can choose specific, according to their own use of broadband lines at present, use broadband access lines more ADSL, CABLEMODEM and broadband three, if the CABLE MODEM line, we can choose the first, and ADSL and the cell broadband lines we can choose second. Here we assume that the user is using the ADSL line, select second items, and click the next step to continue the configuration. Click here to see the big picture, and then we need to choose what kind of landing way to make landfall. 1w Solar Car Fan 36v Dc Ac Power Inverter Circuit Power Inverter 800w Invertal From 220 Volt To 12 V The telecom operators usually use the way of PPPoE dial-up to manage users, so here we choose the first item, then click next.