Titlu: FIFA 19 Guide: Cover Star, Champions League and More about FIFA 19 Part 19
Jurnal: One of the difficulties with PES is the lack of official team licenses. Thank you, there are hundreds of faithful fanatics that create the equipment and scanners of scratch that can then be imported via USB to the game. But why should that be limited to PES? The ability to edit your own team, create stages and even upgrade sponsors would be welcomed by many FIFA players. Surely jars in Career Fashion when your team is putting the same strip more than a decade later. Ratings need repenson EA has made players harder than red at any time - but maybe it's time to rethink? There are innumerable cases where players with much higher speed statistics are lowered by slower defender - who simply would not happen in real life. The game of Konami does not have such a problem - with individual gaming statistics accurately reflecting what they can do on the pitch. So, Lionel Messi can sweep in front of five people because his Indian states are through the roof. Click for more  FIFA 19 coins  related info.