Titlu: Select The Glass Bottle Material Must Be Pure
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Jurnal: Many people like to use Plastic Pump Foam Bottle,PE Bottle,PP Bottle Manufacturers (KEXON) to raise some flowers, in fact, the use of glass bottles in our lives a lot of the market there are many types, but how do we choose? The most critical is the material problem. Choose glass bottles, we must look at the material is pure? If the glass material impure, there will be above the "pattern" "bubble" "sand" and other issues. 1, pattern Refers to the glass surface of the stripes, if it is coarse, hand touch when you can feel, if it is fine lines need to look at the light to see. 2, bubble Refers to the vitreous body because the air and the formation of a small hole, according to the formation of these small holes can be divided into the bubble and operation bubble. 3, sand Refers to the glass body is not melting white granular silica sand, that is, particles loaded impurities. click Mini Trigger Sprayer to learn about more information