Titlu: Huawei router Q2 won the British authoritative media award
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Jurnal: During the CES show in the United States, in addition to the flagship series of mobile phones, Huawei also released its smart home core product Wi-Fi Q2 router, which not only provides high-speed stable full coverage wireless network, but also Huawei's new and carefully created The control center of the smart home. According to the British authoritative technology magazine T3, Huawei's Wi-Fi Q2 router "T3 Favorite Product Award" was awarded. The media said: Q2 can bring consumers a faster and more reliable network connection experience. The awards are recognized on behalf of Huawei's product innovation, and it also means that Huawei Smart Home has entered a new stage. With the continuous breakthrough and maturity of the Internet of Things technology and the rise of the artificial intelligence technology wave, the interconnected and intelligent home has become the development trend of the home industry. As the world's leading communications equipment manufacturer, Huawei is committed to building a smart, open connectivity platform. At the end of 2015, Huawei released the HiLink strategy, focusing on the three key words of “open, connected, and intelligent”, and built an open smart home ecosystem platform with routers as the core. In the past two years, Huawei's smart home ecosystem has developed rapidly. Huawei has deep cooperation with service providers and intelligent hardware manufacturers through HiLink to realize the full connection of different brands of home appliances, bringing consumers a new smart home lifestyle. read more: Оборудование и решения для телекоммуникационных сетей Поставщик беспроводных сетевых решений Агент коммуникационного оборудования