Titlu: China Cream Jar management measures
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Jurnal: What are the China Cream Jar (KEXON) management measures? At present, various countries are actively adopting easy-to-recycle, easy-to-handle or easy-to-consume packaging materials, and promote simple but not simple new ideas for product packaging, which is a popular trend in the world. Despite the imminent implementation of the national standard of “Restricting the excessive packaging requirements of goods - food and cosmetics,” some luxuriously packaged foods in the market are still difficult to eliminate. There is no shortage of other countries’ measures for combating over-packaging that are worthy of reference and reference. South Korea's over-packaging is an illegal act. If manufacturers do not reduce the packaging ratio and layers of products according to government regulations, they will be fined up to 3 million won. South Korea also adopted three major measures to regulate manufacturers: one is to check the bottles; the second is to award labels; and the third is to deal with violations of the provisions of the bottle of fines. Japan has successively introduced laws and regulations concerning the promotion of the use of renewable resources, cosmetic bottle recycling, and new packaging guidelines. It stipulates that the volume of bottles should be reduced as much as possible. The vacancy of bottles should not exceed 20% of the volume of the containers; packaging costs should not exceed At 15% of the selling price, the package should correctly display the value of the product so as not to mislead consumers. At the same time, the "Commodity Gift Packaging Appropriation Outline" stipulates that the principle of the gap between bottles must not exceed 20% of the entire container; the gap between commodities and commodities must be less than 1 cm; the gap between the goods and the inner wall of packages must be kept below 5 mm; Packaging costs must be less than 15% of the price of the entire product. In the United States, as long as the following conditions are deceptive packaging: there are too many empty spaces in the packaging, the height difference between bottles and contents is too large, non-technical need to exaggerate the packaging for no reason, and so on. click Cream Jar Manufacturers to learn about more information