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Jurnal: Metal Stampings specializes in producing custom component parts from a variety of base materials for a multitude of industries. We provide examples of specific component parts as well as precision metal stamping capabilities for the following metals: Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Beryllium Copper, Inconel , etc. Custom Metal Stamping Parts  Services     Stamping quantities from 250 to 250,000     Low Cost Tooling; save up to 80% of conventional tooling cost     ISO 9001 Certified, DFARS & ROHS Compliant     LEAN Manufacturing Award Winner International Precision Metal Stamping Capabilities Metal Stampings manufactures parts for customers throughout California as well as 39 other states and internationally to 9 other countries. Precision Metal Stamping Capabilities Stamping processes employ top-of-the-line precision metal stamping presses (robotic, manual or progressive lines) including Minster, Sutherland, Chin Fong, Aomate, Micron, Kamatsu, Yamada Dobby, PATEC, SEYI, V&O and AIDA. From 25 tons to 500 tons. Precision metal stamping process materials include Phosphorous Bronze, Stainless Steel and Copper, Beryllium Copper, Cold Rolled Steel, and Aluminum. Metal thickness ranges: 0.002 inches to 0.180 inches. These capabilities mean that has the capacity to furnish Metal services and services for a large number of industries and businesses. These services are supported by a wide range of additional support capabilities including mechanical assembly, staking, tapping and welding.     Precision notching and moter lamination stamping     Prototype stamping     In-die assembly, tapping and laser welding     Pin and bandolier stamping     Connector stamping     High speed reel to reel stamping     Integrated stamping and machining     Contact/rivet insertion/ welding     Deep draw stamping     Carbide and steel progressive stamping dies     Modular dies Punch presses ranging from 25 tons to 500 tons and CNC equipment are used in conjunction with special universal units, holders & fixtures to manufacture custom metal stampings. Parts of any shape can be blanked, pierced, formed, stenciled, drawn and extruded.