Titlu: How To Rationally Layout Villa Elevator
Tag-uri: فيلا مصعد
Jurnal: 1. Vertically through hoistway space According to the installation location, the elevator can be installed in the middle of the stairs, the civil engineering hoistway, and the wall. No matter where it is installed, it needs a vertical space. This is especially important when installing a فيلا مصعد  in a slab. Many times the owner and the construction team do not communicate well. It is easy to see the situation: the holes cut in each floor are the same size, but the vertical space is not connected, so the villa The elevator cannot be installed and requires secondary construction, which wastes time and wastes manpower. 2, reserve enough pits Elevator installations generally require a pit to be reserved. The otse villa elevator can be installed without bottom pit or requires a bottom pit with a maximum depth of 50mm. Therefore, in addition to being installed in a traditional villa environment, it can also be installed in a high-rise duplex building where the bottom pit cannot be dug, and the installation is convenient and flexible. . 3, reserve enough top floor height For safety reasons or due to the structure of the elevator itself, the elevator installation needs to reserve enough top floor height space. 4, determine the power position and wiring Due to the different structure of the villa elevator, the power supply location is not the same. Otse's three screw-type villa elevators have different power installation locations: otse 4000 needs to be reserved at the top, otse 6000 needs to be reserved at 2 floors, and S series can be reserved at the bottom. If the standard speed is selected, a 220V single-phase three-wire power supply is required, and the optional speed requires a 380V three-phase five-wire power supply. 5, the home hard work is completed As a sophisticated large-scale household appliance, the home elevator needs special attention to prevent dust pollution during installation and daily maintenance. If the elevator has been installed before the decoration of the house, a large amount of dust generated during the decoration process will enter the elevator. On the one hand, it is difficult to clean. More importantly, fine dust enters the interior of the elevator structure, which will affect the normal operation of the elevator and greatly shorten the elevator. Service life. Therefore, the villa elevator installation must be carried out after the renovation is completed. 6, thoroughly communicate with the manufacturer, the installation team, the decoration construction team The quality of the installation determines the operating condition and service life of the villa elevator. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly communicate with the manufacturer, the installation team and the decoration construction team before installation, confirm all the details, and prepare the elevator for installation.