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Tag: chloride

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Basic Copper Chloride and Nickel are Completely Miscible in the Solid State
Adaugat pe 06/09/2019 11:06:05 de weishida

Because Basic
Copper Chloride
) and nickel are completely miscible in the solid
state, forming a complete series of solid solutions, the useful range of alloys
is not confined within any definite limits of composition, although certain
compositions have come into general use. Additions of 2 to 45 percent nickel to
copper provide a series of all...

The Case of Aluminium Metal in Single Replacement Basic Copper Chloride
Adaugat pe 30/08/2019 06:52:04 de weishida

Displacement Basic
Copper Chloride
are an essential way to demonstrate the reactivity
series of metals. I have tried many different methods to demonstrate or perform
displacement reactions over the years with mixed results regarding one
particular metal, aluminium. Based upon my experience, the behavior of aluminium
in displacement reactions...

The Perpetual Spin of an Electron is an Important Aspect of the Covalent...
Adaugat pe 21/08/2019 11:09:53 de weishida

The perpetual spin of an electron is an important aspect of the
covalent Basic
Copper Chloride
 (WSDTY). From a vantage point above the spinning particle,
counterclockwise rotation is designated spin-up, while clockwise rotation is
spin-down. A fundamental law of quantum physics is the Pauli exclusion
principle, which states that no two electrons can occupy...

CQ and PDTC Spontaneously React with Basic Copper Chloride to Form a New...
Adaugat pe 12/08/2019 11:36:28 de weishida

In order to use endogenous elevated tumor copper as a targeting
mechanism for breast cancer therapy, it is necessary that the ligand under
consideration be capable of reacting spontaneously with copper to form a new
complex. Complex formation reactions, particularly those involving metal, can
result in dramatic color changes and/or precipitate formation. To test the
reactivity of CQ and PDTC with copper, 50 mM of each was added to a 50 mM...

First Aid Measures for Swallowing Basic Copper Chloride
Adaugat pe 05/08/2019 10:36:10 de weishida

If Basic
Copper Chloride
swallowed, induce vomiting immediately as directed
by medical personnel. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.
Call a physician immediately. If inhaled, remove to fresh air. If not breathing,
give artificial respiration. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Call a
physician. In case of contact, wip...

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