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Basic Copper Chloride Metal
Adaugat pe 22/02/2019 09:44:12 de weishida

Many experiments performed in freshmen undergraduate chemistry
labs require the students to precipitate Basic
Copper Chloride
metal from an aqueous solution containing Cu2+ ions
after dissolution of samples that are initially in the solid state. After
retrieving the copper from solution the students are often asked to report the
percentage of...

Effects of Basic Copper Chloride on Organisms
Adaugat pe 18/02/2019 10:05:44 de kexonplastic

Copper Chloride
exerts ambivalent effects on living organisms. It is
an essential metal at physiological concentrations but shows severe toxicity
when its concentration exceeds the physiological range. As an essential metal,
Cu is used in respiration, and is required as a cofactor of redox-regulating
enzymes, such...

Precipitation of Copper Chloride and Sodium Carbonate Solution
Adaugat pe 13/02/2019 09:54:23 de weishida

Precipitation processes for copper salts, especially for Basic
Copper Chloride
, with sodium carbonate solutions are described in the
journal, Izv. These processes lead to results which are similar to the
precipitation processes with copper(II) salts and alkali solutions. According to
this publication, gelatinous precipitates o...

Synthesis of the silica Basic Copper Chloride
Adaugat pe 30/01/2019 10:01:58 de weishida

Synthesis of the silica Basic
Copper Chloride
. In a 250 mL round bottom flask, 60 μL (0.01 mol) of
ammonia solution (32%) and 1.98 g (0.11 mol) of water are added to 100 mL of
absolute methanol. 10.41 g (0.05 mol) of TEOS are added dropwise under stirring.
The final solution is stirred for three days at room temperature....

The Basic Copper Chloride Nanoparticle Network
Adaugat pe 25/01/2019 09:37:02 de weishida

In recent years material chemists have dedicated great efforts
to develop nanoparticle networks. Basic
Copper Chloride
) networks are materials mainly consisting of
nanoparticles, mainly inorganic, whose assembly or self-assembly is strictly
controlled in order to hinder aggregation of the nanoparticles. This control can...

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