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Official WoW Classic forums over the weekend
Adaugat pe 11/10/2019 05:25:10 de MMOexpshop
WoW classic Beta has begun and info about World of Warcraft's Vanilla server option will be released soon. Last week, a new WoW classic data construct surfaced on Blizzard's Vendor CDN which indicated that a beta for classic may be inbound with...

I believe it is odd that people are whining
Adaugat pe 25/09/2019 05:35:55 de MMOexpshop
I believe it is odd that people are whining about how 10% strength is in holy tree, the reason its in there's to allow for numerous specs with...

World of Warcraft Classic is coming this summer
Adaugat pe 07/08/2019 09:15:04 de cheappointssale727
Blizzard said it would never happen, but it's happening: World of Warcraft is getting legacy servers that emulate Azeroth as it existed back in 2006. Called WoW Classic, this remake aims to rekindle that insatiable desire to grind that kept so many of us up late into the night. And it's coming soon. World of Warcraft's vanilla launch—before expansion packs took players to far away locales and significantly changed the core game—is one of the most pivotal moments in PC gaming.


A fantastic buddy of yours Melderon
Adaugat pe 28/06/2019 13:13:13 de winrsgold
I understand he's a fantastic buddy of yours Melderon but nobody is free from critisism. Yes we long for WoW classic know we won't get a 100.0% replica on Vanilla however adding a token along with other changes he'd like to see isn't likely to help getting closer to it. I mean I am an adult now too as you know with such and family, having limited time to perform compared to before. So I could be among those who would welcome ezmode and wow cl...

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