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Tag: copper

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What is Basic Copper Chloride Like?
Adaugat pe 22/04/2019 10:39:45 de weishida

The Basic
Copper Chloride
you end up with after the refining process is
complete has a useful range of physical properties (the way it behaves by
itself) and chemical properties (the way it behaves when you combine it with
other chemical elements to make compounds and alloys).

Physically, copper conducts heat and electri...

Redox Reaction of Basic Copper Chloride Aqueous Solution
Adaugat pe 17/04/2019 10:16:11 de weishida

The focus of this research is to follow the oxidation-reduction
reaction of solid magnesium metal and an aqueous solution of Basic
Copper Chloride
, both with and without the addition of hydrochloric
acid(HCl), and separatelywith sodium chloride(NaCl). Whenmagnesium is added to
CuCl2, the reaction does not occurin the predicted...

Daily Intake of Basic Copper Chloride
Adaugat pe 12/04/2019 10:48:08 de weishida

For healthy, non-occupationally-exposed humans the major route
of exposure to copper is oral. The mean daily dietary intake of Basic
Copper Chloride
(WSDTY) in adults ranges between 0.9 and 2.2 mg. In some
cases, drinking water may make a substantial additional contribution to the
total daily intake of copper, particularly in households where corrosive waters

Description of Basic Copper Chloride
Adaugat pe 08/04/2019 09:32:41 de weishida

Copper Chloride
and compounds has a widespread use in a range of
applications. It is used to make electrical products and electronics (electrical
generators and motors, electrical power and lighting fixtures, electrical
wiring, radio and television sets, computers, air-conditioning systems and other
electrical appliances), in building constru...

How Does Concentration Affect the Colour of a Basic Copper Chloride...
Adaugat pe 01/04/2019 10:45:13 de weishida

I've been doing a science school project about inorganic salts
and the growth of single giant crystals ("giant" being around 2 cm in diameter).
One of the salts I worked with was Basic
Copper Chloride
, CuCl2. It did not turn out great as the crystal
clusters (producing single crystals of CuCl2 was near impossible) looked more
like a porcupine than...

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