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Path of Exile Harvest Garden Layout Guide
Adaugat pe 03/07/2020 09:19:51 de tonghuan
Planning a garden in the "Path of Exile: Harvest" alliance seems to be
difficult, but if there are some graph paper and some careful planning
can maximize the POE Currency.

Path of Exile: Harvest (also known as Patch 3.11) went live on June 19,
and almost all players are looking for the best way to use the space in
the Holy Grove.

First, the basics. In Harvest League, once a
player enters...

Some updated changes of Path of Exile: Harvest
Adaugat pe 30/06/2020 09:47:53 de tonghuan
The harvest also brings the usual items and skill updates. There are
twelve new unique projects, which can provide powerful advantages for
your build, but always cause some trouble. One of them is the unique
armor of Doryani's prototype. By absorbing POE Currency,
it brings you more lightning damage. You will carry powerful debuffing
effects everywhere...

‘Path Of Exile 2’ beta delayed to 2021 due to coronavirus
Adaugat pe 29/06/2020 09:16:19 de tonghuan
Grinding Gear Games announced that due to corona-related delays, the beta version of "Escape 2" will be released next year.

the forum thread, the developer denied the possibility of 2020 Beta,
which was first mentioned when the "Path Of Exile 2" was announced in
2019. There is a saying in the post: "We have been working hard to make
the league appear on time as much as possible, which does mean that the
sequel will be delayed. But rest assured that no...

Path of Exile: Harvest Gameplay Impressions - Harvesting The New League
Adaugat pe 28/06/2020 09:16:55 de tonghuan
Path of Exile: During the weekend of the Harvest League release, the
Path of Exile (POE) reached a peak player concurrency of 231,130. Today,
it is still the top 10 concurrent players on Steam. Grinding Gear Games
is progressing smoothly with the recent leagues they introduced. Since
the announcement of POE 2 at ExileCon in November, the player base of
POE has begun to grow substantially. I won't lie. Since ExileCon last
year, I have played POE more than...

Preview: The Path of Exile: Harvest – PS4
Adaugat pe 27/06/2020 08:47:22 de tonghuan
Harvest is the latest expansion of the Path of Exile and will be
available on PS4 on June 22. Like the previous update, it brings new
items and some changes to the entire game, but it is a new mode that
allows players to better control the POE Currency, which makes this BAFTA award-winning game very interesting .

One magical place is Sacred Grove. In every area of ??the game, you will

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