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Factors Affecting Toughness of Enameled Wire
Adaugat pe 22/05/2020 08:01:21 de xiuweetime

Toughness testing of enameled wire is also a very important
work. What factors will affect the toughness of Enameled Wire? Let's learn about
it together.

The elongation of the paint film itself is very small, and it
has adhesive force when applied to the wire, which is caused by the mutual
diffusion of molecules between the paint and the metal. enameled wire enamel i...

Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Enameled Wire
Adaugat pe 08/05/2020 05:16:31 de xiuweetime

Chemical properties:

1. Enameled
 must be dipped after being wound into coils. Solvents in the dipped
paint have different degrees of swelling effect on the paint film, especially at
high temperatures.

2. The impregnated winding may be thermally cracked due to
thermal action during use, so the impregnating varnish an...

Production Technology Of Paint For Copper Enameled Wire
Adaugat pe 03/04/2020 06:16:17 de xiuweetime

Judging from the development trend of the global copper
enameled wire
industry, the production of copper enameled wire is gradually
changing from decentralized management to centralized management, which has been
basically the case in Europe and the United States. The development in Asia,
especially in China, has also shown obvious similar characteristics in recent

History of Different Types of Enameled Wire
Adaugat pe 20/03/2020 05:12:11 de xiuweetime

1. Acetal enameled wire

Acetal Enameled
is one of the earliest varieties developed in the world. It was put on
the market by Germany and the United States respectively in 1930. The Soviet
Union also developed rapidly. There are two kinds of polyvinyl formal and
polyvinyl acetal. China also successfully studied them in the 1960s. Although
the enameled wire...

Notes on the Purchase of Enameled Wire
Adaugat pe 14/03/2020 09:09:10 de xiuweetime

The Enameled
has a thin insulating coating made of copper or aluminum. The main
reason for this is to prevent the occurrence of a short circuit. To purchase
this type of enameled wire on the market, you must choose a reliable
manufacturer that only provides products that meet the quality standards and are
properly tested.

You can search the electronics ma...

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