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Why Is Bonded Fabric Also Called Waterproof And Breathable Fabric
Adaugat pe 12/05/2020 07:57:52 de xixiximin

Bonded is a combination of two or more kinds of fabrics. Bonded fabric are
not necessarily waterproof and breathable. This is a mistake in the market.
Strictly speaking, waterproof and breathable fabrics can be called waterproof
and breathable fabrics only when a layer of waterproof and breathable film is
combined (there are many kinds of films, such as PU, TPU, PTFE film, etc.). In a...

PTH has been dedicating itself to one-stop solution of low-rise...
Adaugat pe 07/05/2020 09:17:49 de pthhouse

have the following advantages:

1) Not limited by cast-in-situ concrete.

2) Prefabricated building concrete has good appearance

3) Complex appearance modeling can be realized.

4) Easy to combine with steel members.


Production Characteristics of 100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Toy
Adaugat pe 30/03/2020 09:16:50 de xiuxiumin

1. According to the production characteristics of 100% Polyester Plush fabric For
Toy, the products are basically filled with fillers, so plush toys and cloth
plush toys can be generally referred to as stuffed toys.

2. According to whether it is filled or not, it can be divided
into filled toys and unfilled toys.

3. Filling toys can be divi...

Sunshine Fabric Reduces The Stimulation of Indoor Sunshine
Adaugat pe 23/03/2020 08:37:00 de xiuxiumin

Natural light is the key factor to make the room full of
vitality, but in hot summer, sunny rooms are not always people's favourite,
blocking the sunshine and keeping cool have become our first choice. At this
time, to "wear" a suitable "coat" on the bright glass window will not only
reduce the stimulation of indoor sunshine but also be a good decoration in the
room. Sunshine...

Method for Judging Quality of Plush Fabric For Baby Blanket
Adaugat pe 16/03/2020 07:57:13 de xiuxiumin

Today, the Plush fabric For Baby
Blanket is relatively comfortable to use. it can be seen everywhere in life.
it is no longer a new type of product. at the same time, the quality reflected
in the production process of the plush fabric for baby blanket is relatively
good. now, when using the plush fabric for baby blanket, we pay more attention
to some common problems. if we want to use th...

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