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High-pressure inflatable pump
Adaugat pe 23/11/2018 10:32:45 de wangkiky
The air pump uses the cylinder after unloading the spark plug as the gas source and the spark plug shell as the intake duct of the air pump. A gas pipeline, a one-way valve, a gas storage tank and a high-pressure flexible conduit are connected to the rear. Once the engine starts, it can inflate the air-deficient tire. The inflatable pump has the advantages of simple structure, compact size, portable on board, convenient and rapid inflatability of air-deficient tires in any occasion and anywhere....

Automobile inflatable pump
Adaugat pe 23/11/2018 07:42:17 de wangkiky
1. Small size, usually placed in the trunk of the car, not occupying space, easy to carry.
2. High power, high efficiency and high inflation speed
3. Wide use: It can be used in automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, swimming rings and ball games, etc.
4. The tire pressure can be measured so that the normal tire pressure can be maintained at any time.
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Electric inflatable pump
Adaugat pe 23/11/2018 06:08:10 de wangkiky
1. Applicable to: bicycle tires, car tires, basketball
2. Maximum pressure: 300 PSI (30-40 PSI for general tires);
Use the power supply of automobile cigarette lighter to inflate the tires of automobiles and motorcycles quickly.
When a car tire leaks suddenly on the highway, in the field or at work in the morning, it can better play its emergency rescue function.
It can inflate balls and inflatable balls quickly.
There is a barometer, which can accurately measure th...

Air pump
Adaugat pe 23/11/2018 04:01:10 de wangkiky
The pneumatic pump is also called the inflator, the inflatable pump and the inflatable pump operate the motor through the operation of the motor. When pumping, the valve of the connector is washed open by the atmospheric pressure, and the gas enters the air cylinder. When pumping into the tire, the valve is closed by the air pressure in the air cylinder, and the gas enters the tire. It also uses the principle of atmospheric pressure to inflate cars, rubber balls and rubber boats.
brief int...

Vertical sand pump
Adaugat pe 21/11/2018 09:49:00 de wangkiky
It can be used for dredging and dredging with high-pressure clear water pumps, or it can be combined with several vertical pumps and horizontal marine-land mud pumps in series to form a pump operation group. Hydraulic mechanization construction by hydraulic sand digging, soil digging and filling units is to simulate the principle of water flow scouring in nature, and carry out sand digging and earth digging work by the function of hydraulic force. Water produces pressure through high-pressure pu...

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