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Interesting Things About Path Of Exile
Adaugat pe 19/01/2018 08:07:49 de FutSixteenCoin
Path of Exile is an online action RPG developed by independent developer Grinding Gear Games based in New Zealand. Battling against monsters and fulfilling quests NPCs to gain experience points and items. And you can buy poe items on website. However, what were you confused about when you first started PoE? You may be puzzled by a simple question, and in retrospect it is a very interesting thing.

Some players used to be confused about mirrored items. They had heard people talk about 'mirror gear'. They then had mirrored items drop from strongboxes and thought it was something special. They spent a little too much time trying to figure out why a mirrored item would be desirable, but it's good for a laugh now for them. 
Some players were confused on why physical damage rolls on weapons did not increase the dps on their EK build. It's hard when damage types and damage scaling is so critical to the game and yet hard to pick up on at first. And some of them wasted a lot of poe currency with no clue on what they were doing and before they realized how wasteful it was going in blind. 

And when I first started PoE, I was confused as to how increase my dmg. I noticed the dmg to fall off steadily while I was leveling, it somehow didn't occur to me that most dmg comes from linked support gems in later game. I thought that the game is slow by nature, and to kill stuff fast I need TONS of damage on the tree. Went 0 life nodes (why I need life when I ill one-shot anything) and tons of crit multiplier mods (that I remembered from Diablo3 as best way to improve dps). Enough said, my character was useless which I didn't want to admit until act 2 merci when I was getting one-shotted by every other rare mob.

Have to say, Path of Exile is a very challenging and interesting game, if you have not tried, I suggest you can have a try. It is not a bad decision for you!

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