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FIFA 18 News: FIFA Mobile 18 Training or Purchase
Adaugat pe 13/02/2018 09:13:09 de bestcoins
As all the new promotion has released in FIFA Mobile,many of the players in FIFA Mobile 18 have been forgotten by most people.Everyon wants TOTY items,icons or the latest promo items.But,not eveyone is able to purchase those for their teams. When comparing base Gold rated players against higher base Elites, it's fair to ask: is it better to train a player from a low overall, or buy a higher overall player?
We gonna doing some comparison between different players to show you the result.
87-overall TOTY Nominee CB Thiago Silva and Base Gold 79-overall Nacho Fernández. buy ultimate team coins Silva goes for 1.7 million coins, while Nacho goes for between 100,000 and 200,000 coins.
When we upgraded both of them to 100 overall, Nacho is less than 200 total stats behind Silva.You may think this is a big diffefence and Silva is clearly better. Nacho beats Silva in physical, defence and pace.
Nacho will set you back 9.5 million in coins, while Silva will set you back 12.2 million (both including the purchase price). Adding to this nearly 3 million coin difference, Nacho also takes 2 million less XP to train up to 100 overall. That is a significant difference, seeing as both players are trained to the same overall. This (common amongst TOTY Nominees and Starters) shows that some of the higher rated cards might not live up to your expectations. fifa 18 coins cheap Nacho will save you nearly 3 million coins and 2 million XP once fully upgraded, which is an insane saving, considering Nacho has the better crucial defending stats.
When both maxed out though, 79 Rooney has an astounding 130 total stats higher than 85 Dybala. Rooney costs 9.5 million coins to train while Dybala costs around 9 million coins to both reach 100 overall. This is one example of the lower tier player costing more to train to 100 overall than the higher tier player.
However, with the amount of stats Rooney has over Dybala, it is clear to see why he costs 500,000 coins more to train than Dybala, but this is offset by Rooney's 750,000 lower price tag. Dybala also takes 100,000 XP less to train than Rooney. So, it is worth spending the extra 100,000 XP on Rooney rather than saving with Dybala? buy fifa ultimate team coins For the difference in XP, Rooney would be the obvious choice as he beats Dybala in every single statistical category besides two.

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