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CADCAM Transforms Practices By Delivering What Patients Want
Adaugat pe 13/03/2018 10:20:36 de lilyeven12
The open-architecture Planmeca FIT™ system for chairside CAD/CAM is a digital
workflow solution that integrates intraoral scanning, 3D designing and chairside
milling into a streamlined process. It provides doctors with tools to create and
place precision, high-quality restorations in a single-patient visit, and
same-day dentistry is something that is a win-win for both patients and
practices. Dr. Gary Kaye of Kaye Dentistry in New York City, a Planmeca user,
has experienced dramatic growth since adopting the system and said it attracts
new patients to his practice. “Patients ask about same-day restorations,” noted
Dr. Kaye. ”They want them mobile
dental unit
. Chairside CAD/CAM alone has added 18% to our bottom line in the
last three years.” Planmeca FIT™ has three steps — digital intraoral scanning,
3D designing and onsite milling. The entire workflow operates on a single
software platform, so the imaging and CAD/CAM work is accessible through a
single interface. When dental integration is done right, a practice will
experience increased efficiencies. The Planmeca PlanScan™ intraoral scanner can
be integrated with any Planmeca dental unit, used like any other instrument and
shared between users. Live scanning data is available from a tablet device, and
audio alerts let doctors or their staff members confirm when they’ve captured
optimal data. The Planmeca PlanCAD® design software provides a robust tool for
sophisticated 3D designing. Completed designs can either be manufactured onsite
with the Planmeca PlanMill® 40 milling unit or sent to a lab in an open STL file
format. Although Dr tooth
scaler australia
. Kaye mills his single restorations in-house, he still
utilizes an outside laboratory for complex, multiple-restoration cases, and the
PlanScan has been a game-changer in terms of speed and efficiency. “With digital
intraoral scanning, the patient hasn’t even left the office yet, and the lab has
started working on designing the crown! It’s more efficient…there’s no
question,” says Dr. Kaye. ”When dental integration is done right, a practice
will experience increased efficiencies.” The Planmeca FIT can produce
restorations from a large selection of materials, and according to Dr. Bill
Busch of North Kansas City Dental, the system is not just efficient, but in his
opinion, it also produces a superior product. “It takes many steps to produce a
crown the traditional way,” explained Dr. Busch,” and now we can do it in a
single mouse click right here. I believe the opportunity for error is reduced
with fewer steps, so I think it’s actually a better restoration.” The Planmeca
Romexis® software platform is the brains behind the Planmeca ecosystem, and its
integration into each phase ensures that the CAD/CAM system runs seamlessly. It
helps practices utilize their resources to the fullest and treat more patients
in a shorter period of time portable
dental unit
. Instead of two visits, patients can be treated the same day —
without requiring temporary crowns or physical dental models. “Our goal is to
fit into our patient’s lifestyle and provide dentistry at the speed of their
life,” explained Dr. Busch. “And that’s where CAD/CAM comes in.” In addition to
a powerful and intutive platform, Planmeca provides comprehensive training and
responsive, ongoing support, so same-day dentistry can be adopted successfully
by any practice interested in growing its business and providing patients with
cutting-edge, convenient care.  

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