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Hammer metal crusher
Adaugat pe 14/03/2018 04:11:38 de wangkiky

Hammer type metal crusher has many types of hammer type metal crusher, which can be divided into single rotor and double rotor hammer type metal crusher according to the number of rotor. According to the rotating direction of rotor, it can be divided into directional (rotating in one direction) and reversible (rotor can turn in two directions) hammer type metal crusher; The number of vertical heads can be divided into single arrangement, double arrangement and multi - arrangement hammer oil filter crusher. The hammer head device can be divided into fixed and movable hammer metal crusher. The bricks and tiles industry generally use single rotor, directional type, multi - arrangement, moving hammer type metal crusher.

The hammer shaft is hinged and hung on the hammer, and the hammer is mounted on the spindle. In the lower part of the chassis, the rotating body of the shaft, spindle, hammer disc and hammer head is called the rotor. Material from feeding mouth into the crushing chamber, with high speed rotating hammer impact, by the impact of material kinetic energy from the hammer head, with high speed on, have a certain gap of grate again by the impact, is expected to be grate bounce back piece of land on the rotor, once again, the material in movement, material also frequent mutual impacts between blocks. In this way, the material with larger grain size is repeatedly broken until the required granularity is eliminated by the grate seam.

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