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PoE: How Do You Go About Making Your Own Build?
Adaugat pe 31/03/2018 09:57:11 de FutSixteenCoin
In Path of Exile, if you have never made your own build, you get overwhelmed with the idea there are so many uniques to know, mechanics and other systems that intertwine with skills. How should you to go about making your own build? Follow these steps:

1. Pick a skill you like or want to try out (eg. something new like tectonic slam), a unique item you want to use that has a special mechanic (eg. Indigon), or an ascendancy you want to play (eg. the new champion). And most of unique items can buy on u4gm.

2. Figure out the other parts that could go well with your choice. Eg. for Indigon you'll probably want a skill that can spend a lot of mana very quickly, so maybe flameblast. You'll probably also want to use a class that has great mana recovery, so maybe Hierophant or Trickster. Other mana-focused items that could go well together are like Pillar of hands, Cloak of Defiance, The Aylardex, and Clarity watcher's eye.

3. Pick out the defensive mechanics and nodes that you'll need to survive. Eg. since we'll have a ton of mana, MoM seems the natural choice, then figure out how to get enough life + mana nodes to survive endgame. General rules of thumb are like 160%+ life for MoM builds, 180%+ for pure life builds, 200%+ ES for ES builds etc.

4. Figure out what are the most efficient damage nodes for the points that you have left, modify your main pathing as needed. Eg. for Indigon flameblast the majority of our damage will come from the Indigon proc, so should only be picking up the most efficient fire damage nodes.

5. Fill out the remaining item slots to meet your life/stat/resist requirements, ring/amulet/jewel slots are usually the most versatile. Once you have max resists and like 6k EHP, you can focus on getting more damage.

6. Keep an eye on the Path of building damage numbers. If your build can hit 100-150k consistent dps, it can probably clear red maps well enough. If you can hit 300k+, then the Shaper/Guardians fights should be fairly comfortable.

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