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TechCentral I.T. Solutions Reshape a Practice.
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Every morning the dental team at Porter and Singley Family Dental gathers
together for its morning huddle and discusses the day ahead. In the past, the
meeting would have involved paper-based schedules with handwritten notes. When
we decided to remodel, we knew we wanted to standardize everything in the office
and incorporate technology that would give our patients a much better treatment
experience, said Dr. Porter. Now they review Dentrix schedules and patient
information in real time on the staff lounge big screen TV, making notes as
needed dental
air compressor
. This is just one of the additions made in 2010 when Dr.
Steven Porter and Dr. Patrick Singley decided to expand the office and update
their dental technology and computer systems. Out of space in their Columbus,
Mississippi, practice, which had been built out in 2000, the doctors decided to
gut, renovate, and expand the existing office to meet the needs of the busy
practice. The demolition opened up more than the walls—it also opened up the
opportunity to install a reliable, high-speed network to support new,
state-of-the-art dental technology. The doctors knew that properly integrated
technology would have a positive impact on every aspect of their business.
Knowing how important it would be to get the undertaking right, they turned to
Henry Schein’s TechCentral computer solution and Henry Schein’s team of
technology experts. Over a ten-day period, Porter and Singley Family Dental was
transformed. The TechCentral solution experts worked up to 18 hours a day laying
the groundwork for the technology, including running computer cables for the
waiting area, nine operatories, and the staff lounge. Amazingly, this was all
accomplished while the practice maintained regular business hours and scheduling
timetable! After construction was complete, the team installed 16 new computers
and a dedicated server. The office also switched to digital radiography, with a
new DEXIS sensor added to their existing Scan-X. All images are centrally
stored, shared and backed up. “Henry Schein TechCentral has been great,” notes
Dr. Porter. “Of our entire remodel, the most seamless part was the computer
installation.” Porter and Singley is the first practice in a 60-mile radius to
purchase the E4D Dentist for same-day crowns. The E4D system connects to the
practice network via a new, secure Wi-Fi from TechCentral, and is used
wirelessly throughout the office. Patients can walk out with permanent crowns in
the time it takes to watch a few TV shows or run errands mobile
dental unit
! Ceiling-mounted computer monitors are now in the operatories
and patients can view digital X-rays, intraoral camera views, Guru videos, and
even Netflix movies! “With the monitor in front of them, they can see what’s
going on,” says Dr. Singley. “An educated patient is more accepting of
treatment.” By upgrading and networking all of the computers in the office, the
staff is able to more fully maximize the capabilities of Dentrix as well as
other software, including DemandForce, an appointment reminder and confirmation
program that uses text messaging and E-mail. “Our goal as a family practice is
to set ourselves apart and change the concept of people hating dentist visits by
making it more comfortable for them,” said Dr. Porter. “We already had some
technology in place. But it wasn’t uniform or properly integrated. When we
decided to remodel, we knew we wanted to standardize everything in the office
and incorporate technology that would give our patients a much better treatment
experience.” Standardization is one of the key benefits to choosing TechCentral
solutions over local providers. All Henry Schein IT professionals are trained
using the proven best practices that TechCentral developed from thousands of
network installations each year. In addition, TechCentral services continually
run in the background to protect the practice valuable patient and financial
data from viruses, new Internet threats, unauthorized access, natural disasters,
and network issues. The practice also turns to TechCentral computer support
experts when they have questions or need help. Service technician Warren Torrey
has worked closely with the practice as well, maintaining and repairing
equipment and troubleshooting other issues by consulting with support teams to
deliver solutions. “For solving big problems,” recalls Dr. Porter, “we found we
relied on Henry Schein Dental and DEXIS personnel to get it right, so why not
let them do it all?” Making such a leap into technology is a big decision, but
Dr. Porter and Dr. Singley will attest to the contribution it has made to
superior patient care, employee morale, and to the bottom line. “Anytime an
office functions better, I think morale is going to be better,” said Dr.
Singley. “There’s a lot less wasted time and we are definitely more efficient. I
think we all enjoy our job a lot more.” Porter and Singley Family Dental has
also seen a dramatic increase in the number of new patients it sees each month
and says the E4D Dentist, and the quick turnaround of crowns, in particular,
instantly made an impact. “We’re averaging from 70 to 100 new patients each
month,” said Dr. Porter. “Word of mouth is our biggest way of getting new
patients. Patients are coming in and enjoying their experience and referring our
services to their family and friends.”What Is The Right Way To Floss? for more information.  

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