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Five Topics for Your Next Dental Staff Meeting
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From managing payroll to acquiring patients, running a dental practice is a lot
of work. With so many competing priorities, it can be easy to forget about staff
communication dental instruments.
And who has time to come up with dental staff meeting topics? We’re here to
help! Ensure you and your team are on the same page with pre-planned topics.
Here are five themes to guide every meeting. Recognize Staff Superstars Identify
those who have gone above and beyond or simply upheld your standard for
outstanding customer service. A little recognition goes a long way. Seven out of
10 employees who received appreciation from their supervisors reported being
happy with their job, according to Harvard Business Review. Talk Trends &
Technology Happiness and learning are closely tied Dental
. Is there a new scientific discovery that could change the dental
industry? Is there a technique that could make things better for the patient?
These topics encourage engagement and keep your staff up to speed on all things
oral health. Plan Themes & Initiatives February is National Children’s
Dental Health Month. March is National Nutrition Month. April is Oral Cancer
Awareness Month. The Great American Smokeout is November 16. Perhaps there’s a
Water Wednesday or other local activity coming up. Utilize your staff as oral
health experts. It’s a great way to promote healthy habits to patients. Report
on Progress Transparency promotes trust. Keep your team informed on office goals
and progress to date. Doing so may keep them around longer. Ask for Feedback End
each meeting the same way you started it—with a chance to provide feedback.
While the opening topic identifies exemplary employees, the closing minutes
should contain constructive feedback including any areas for improvement. Are
there concerns about new procedures or policies? Is there a sticking point with
your patients? Foster open channels of communication and your team will thank
you for it. Whether you convene once a year or once a week, these dental staff
meeting topics will provide the blueprint for a positive session. A Complete
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