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Mafia City H5: Beginner’s Guide: Tips Guides & Strategies to Become a super Mafia Boss
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Mafia City
plunges you into the midst of a virtual world full of deceit, deception
and warfare. Based on the hit gaming series Mafia, this game has made
its way towards becoming one of the most popular games on the store.
Developed by Yotta Games Limited, Mafia City H5 is available to download
and play for free on iOS devices from the yottagame. Some in-app
purchases are recommended for the perfect gameplay experience but if you
want to live the “Thug Life” free of cost that is a completely valid
option as well. Mafia City H5 is available withand it offers a rich
gaming experience without no download just like browser game.
story of Mafia City H5 is mainly based upon the first part of the
original gaming series and it incorporates some elements from the newer
second and third parts as well. The game is set in the 1930’s when crime
gangs had become a huge nuisance and were busy terrorizing all of
The Mafia City gameplay combines a base strategy game with
the immersive story line the likes of which are found in legendary games
like the PC games of Grand Theft Auto and Mafia. If you have played
strategy games like Red Alert or Age of Empires before, then you will be
very comfortable playing Mafia City H5. However even if you haven’t had
a taste of strategy games before, the in-game tutorials and
conversations with your partners as well as the cut-scenes in between
levels make it very easy for you to understand the gameplay mechanics.

Mafia City H5 is a game that ensures you use all your mental as well as
logical faculties. Granted the in-game help does wonders for a beginner
but if you really want to progress in the crime rings and make a name
for your gang, you need some extra guidance. So read on to get some
insider tips and tricks on how to beat the game and to get rolling on
the block!

1. Building An Invincible Crime Empire

Mafia City H5 is all about taking control of the crime gangs all over
the city and becoming the real king pin! You have to ensure that you
stay as the most favored crime lord in the eyes of the gang members and
even the police. As such, you will be introduced to an in-game tutorial
when you first begin the game which will walk you through all the basics
of building and fighting in the game. However, what this tutorial fails
to mention is the relative importance of upgrading the different types
of buildings that are available to you.

The Casa is your
personal ranch or estate in which you and your gang members will live
and it acts as a base of operations for your Crime Ring. Compared to
other types of buildings that are available to you, the Casa costs the
most to upgrade and also takes the longest time to finish. This might
put you off from upgrading the Casa in favor of weapon warehouses and
gang training centres that take a much shorter time to finish upgrading.
DO NOT make this mistake!
The Casa is akin to the heart of your
crime Empire and the rewards of upgrading it are well worth your time
and cash. Your main source of income is the weapon trade and upgrading
your Casa makes much more cash available to you by unlocking level ups
for the gang members and your training grounds. With more weapons ready
to ship at a moment’s notice and planes ready to fly it all over the
world, you are all set to earn a staggering amount of cash.

on upgrading the Casa should be your top most priority and if you feel
that an hour or 30 minutes are just too much for you, then follow this
simple trick: Upgrade all the quick timing buildings but remember to
leave enough cash in your bank to upgrade your Casa. Before going to
sleep at night, put your Casa on upgrade and que one more level upgrade
using Gold (You can purchase some if you have none). Viola! Wake up to
two finished levels of your Casa and a hoard of unlockables ready for
you to start conquering the crime universe.

building your crime Empire you also need to keep the negative motives
of your opponent crime lords into consideration. This is because these
crime lords are controlled by the artificial intelligence in the game.
This is a huge cause of concern for you because their sole objective is
to completely destroy you and your crime Empire. Some of the enemy gang
members will even try to rat you out or your gang members to the local
law enforcement authorities so you need to be at your guard at all times
to avoid any unpleasant situations.
In addition as your reputation
in the city increases you will be able to hold much more influence with
the police as well. This means that once you have enough crime rep, you
will be able to get your gang members out of jail and even initiate
crack downs against your enemy gangs. So use the power of crime wisely
and with responsibility to become one of the most feared Mafia Bosses in
the city!
2. Recruit Bigger And Better Gang Members
The gang
members who work for your cartel are divided into two factions. The bulk
of your forces is made up of thugs who are the muscle on the streets
and work to keep control over your territory. These thugs might
sometimes get kidnapped for ransom for sending a message to you by rival
crime rings. In fact the very first mission in the game requires you to
storm a Rival Crime gang hideout and free your kidnapped thugs.

These thugs have basic attacking capabilities as well as only a
starting level of artificial intelligence. This means that you cannot
use them to make any complex decisions for your crime ring. They are
meant to only be the front liners for your attacks on the enemy crime
gangs and you will usually end up losing them in quite a large number.
That is perfectly alright however because they are very easy to recruit
and do not cost very much to keep in your crime ring so they become
almost disposable at a point in the game.

The other faction
consists of trained and skilled killers called Assassins and these are
the highly specialised members of your crime ring. As you level up
throughout the game, you will begin to unlock Assassins with better
skills and higher attacking power. Use these Assassins to control your
war squad and lay waste to the Casas of your enemy. During a siege,
always work to destroy the enemy’s primary defense (machine guns and
rival thugs) before trying to hit the Casa.

In addition to
brute attack, the main strength of the Assassins lies in attacking from
behind while unknown to the enemy defenses. The higher level Assassins
can hide themselves from enemy detection and thus come very close to the
rival mafia boss. If you get such an opportunity during any of the
missions you should immediately take it as you will rarely find a chance
to get so close to a rival mafia boss and kill him. Assassins are
especially well trained in finding out the weaknesses of enemy mafia
bosses and you can also use this special power to your advantage and
take over an enemy crime gang very easily.

3. Invest And Upgrade

In the Mafia game
you are one of the most powerful and influential men in the city.
However you have to balance your reputation for cold hearted murder and
deceit along with your image as a valuable citizen of the city. This
sounds insane for a game which is aimed at mass murder and scaring
people into submission but you will have to play along in order to avoid
the law enforcement authorities. One of the main methods to control the
flow of your illicit wealth and make sure it doesn’t look too
suspicious is to invest it in the many businesses around town.
Investments are in fact one of the greatest sources of additional wealth
in the game and allow for you to purify the illegal money that you
earned from mass murder and wars with rival gangs.
The first step to
becoming an intelligent investor is to look for the source of wealth
that can give you the highest amount of money in the shortest amount of
time. There are many places around the city which you can either buy or
rent for a short period of time. Due to the tax that you have to pay,
buying any property around the city is actually a much better option
than renting. When you invest some of your cash in purchasing a new
property, your control over the city increases by a certain amount and
you are also able to get a new hideout for your gang members at the same

The second type of investment that you can make in the
city is to buy shares of a famous bank or business. This is a very good
source of passive income throughout the game and you will keep getting
cash as long as the bank or business keeps making profit. To ensure that
this is the case you can also use your gang members to scare off
potential competitors and sometimes even take over entire rival
businesses once you are on a high enough level. The most important thing
about this kind of investment however is the ability for you to get out
of the scrutiny of the law enforcement authorities. Whenever you invest
in a public bank or business you increase your reputation as a citizen
of the city who is positively contributing to the economy. Even if the
police know about your crimes, they will in these cases choose to ignore
them in favour of the contributions you are making for the development
of the city.

In Mafia City H5, it is very important that you
carry out upgrades to the investments that you have been making around
the city as well. This allows your invested banks or businesses to net
you a much greater profit. The profit will keep on piling up until you
collect it though so remember to always collect cash from all of your
investments in regular intervals. This will ensure a smooth flow of cash
into your reserves and you will be able to carry out the necessary
upgrades whenever needed.

4. Mini-Games And Achievements

Mafia City H5 brings with it various mini-games and achievements to
constantly motivate you and keep you from getting bored. You will be
introduced to one of the many minigames at the very start when your
beautiful assistant will ask you to choose which cup the ball is in from
three cups after shuffling them. You will be rewarded with her
stripping off her clothes each time you are able to tell the cup
correctly. Even though it is a slightly cheap tactic, the developers
have made sure to keep your attention towards the game at almost all the
times with these minigames.

Another motivating feature of
the game are the achievements which you can unlock and keep track of
across social media. There are countless medals and titles that you can
get in the game just by killing a high number of rival gang members or
by spreading as much chaos through the city as possible. In contrast you
can also get various awards for being a model citizen and working
towards developing the city. The game gives you a ton of choices at
every point so in the end it all comes down to how you badly you want to
see yourself as the most feared Mafia Boss of all time!

Mafia City H5 official site ( Yotta game studio),chinese version mafia game name is 黑道風雲 H5, thank you!

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