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Oral Health’s Future Examined in Launch of New PublicationOral Health’s Future Examined in Launch of New Publication
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New York, NY – In an exclusive media event on Monday, November 28, 2016,
Scientific American and Colgate-Palmolive celebrated their collaboration on a
new supplement, which is meant to be a tool to help drive the conversation of
oral health’s future and the science behind it. The supplement, The Future of
Oral Health, was created with the informed consumer and the medical and dental
professions in mind, said Ian M. Cook, the chairman and CEO of Colgate, in his
opening remarks. Jeremy Abbate, the vice president and publisher of Scientific
American, led the panel’s discussion and welcomed the audience to partake in the
interactive session after.Who Will Provide My Orthodontic Treatment? for more information. The panel included: Michael C. Alfano, president of
the Santa Fe Group and professor, dean, and executive vice president emeritus at
New York University; Dr. Marko Vujicic, chief economist and Vice President of
the Health Policy Institute of the ADA; and Sharon Guynup, editorial director of
The Future of Oral Health, Scientific American Custom Media. The panel
discussion covered the history of the project and touched upon issues, such as
changing public thinking about the importance of oral health. Written to cover a
broad range of topics, such as technology, The Future of Oral Health brings the
facts and figures of the global state of oral health to the general public in
layman’s terms. Its message is to improve upon public knowledge about oral
care’s affect on overall body health. By sharing recent data with a larger
audience, which includes the government, the emphasis of the publication is the
impact of oral disease on whole-body health and the monetary savings due to the
prevention of oral disease dental
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. Its articles examine the philosophies and technologies that
have fueled changes to the profession in respect to improving access to care on
a global level. This issue includes a 200-year pictorial timeline of dental
innovation accompanied by an essay on the dental digital revolution and a look
to the tech in the not-so-distant future. Currently, the supplement is being
given out to health and dental practices throughout the United States and Canada
to reach the patient population dental
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. Both companies hope to promote this discussion of
oral disease prevention on a global level.  

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