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Dental Surgeries Change Lives in the Dominican Republic
Adaugat pe 14/06/2018 11:28:49 de lilyeven12
I recently returned from an incredible dental mission trip to the Dominican
Republic. My team and I, about 20 general dentists and surgeons in all, offered
free dental care to extremely needy patients living there. We specialized in
dental implant surgeries, which restore biting function and can make a radical
difference in a patient’s quality of life. This charity mission was headed by
Dr. Arun Garg from Implant Seminars, a dental mentorship program that sends
different groups of dentists to the Dominican Republic 5 to 6 times a year. I
signed up for Dr implant
. Garg’s advanced post-graduate dental education classes toward the
end of 2015. It was then that I learned of his upcoming mission trip to the
Domincan Republic, and I knew I had to go along. I knew I wanted to learn more
about the dental work behind dental implant surgeries, but by the end of the
trip, I was astounded by the impact we could make among the wonderful citizens
there. Our Arrival in Santo Domingo When my group landed in the capital, Santo
Domingo, we were overwhelmed by the population – over 2 million people! We
stayed in a nice hotel during our time there, but we saw many poverty-stricken
neighborhoods and unpaved roads. The citizens desperately needed our help, that
much was immediately clear Thanks to donations from around the world, we had
everything we needed to perform various dental procedures right there in Dr.
Garg’s dental clinic turbine
air compressor
. Our day started before 8 o’clock and we didn’t stop until
all of the patients received the attention they required. We usually didn’t
leave the clinic till after 8:30 p.m. Our Mission for the People During the
trip, we met patients who desperately needed dental attention, patients who
probably wouldn’t have had any other way to access dental care apart from Dr.
Garg’s program. In Rochester, NY, the home of my dental practice, dental implant
surgeries can cost from $2,000 to $2,500. After the surgery, patients need time
for restoration, a process that can cost an additional $1,500 to $2,000. All of
us participating in the mission trip paid travel fees, tuition, and lodging
expenses from personal funds so the dental care for these patients could be
free. My colleagues and I performed some bone grafting on patients, who will
need further treatment after a few months of healing. Dr. Garg will bring
another group of dentists in 3 to 6 months to complete these patients’
surgeries. All in a Day's Work I can’t even number exactly how many procedures
we performed, how many bone graftings, tooth extractions, implant surgeries,
tissue management procedures, or implant prosthetics. Collectively, my team and
I probably accomplished about 400 or more dental implant surgeries in only 3
days. One patient had five dental implants, all in a single mouth! To simplify
the process, the patients had a pre-screening appointment beforehand, so their
dental treatment had already been pre-decided. Once my team arrived at the
clinic, the people formed a line outside the doors and simply waited until they
could be seen. Some waited hours before we had the chance to see them! I
remember on one particular day, a patient came into the clinic for her dental
session, and she had a big collection of plantains on her head. She offered the
fruit as her way of thanking Dr. Garg and his team for the work we were doing.
Dr. Garg greeted her warmly, accepted the bananas, and promptly gave them to the
patients waiting in line outdoors. The people shared the food with each other as
they waited their turn. I was so intrigued and thankful I had the opportunity to
witness it. When all is said and done, I would return and do it again. The
people were so grateful and thanked us profusely! It was eye opening to see how
others live in different countries compared to the United States vacuum
forming machine dental
. I am very grateful that I could help these needy
patients, and I learned so much during my time with them.  

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