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I have thought of an idea to make the mafia game a little better
Adaugat pe 20/06/2018 10:31:54 de xanthethe

Now, if I were working on Robots vs. Zombies 2020 and the conversation still turned to race... then it feels like it's a demanded conversation. Well, what does it mean to be a black guy? Don't just ask me what it means to be a black guy, ask me what it means to be a mafia game developer, ask me what it means to be a writer on this particular title.
But my race and ethnicity feel important and a loaded thing in this particular mafia game online. It might be less so on another thing I work on. The intersecting identities that I have are relevant to Lincoln Clay and to New Bordeaux, so I'm happy to talk to you about those things.
I'm excited for people to play this mafia game. It's been a labor of love and tears and exhaustion. I really want people to see what we've been cooking up. What this dedicated and exhausted team have been working on. We have loved this experience and want people to love it as well.

I have thought of an idea to make the mafia game a little better. I just need other people's opinions on it. I felt that the old mafia game was very hard to accuse people because of the limited clue and I tried to fix it up so that accusation would have some sense behind it. The mafia game rule and concept is very much like the old one but my variation has a little bit more interaction involved which makes easier for people to make accusation.
The mafia game overview:

There will be day time and night time as before but at night time there will be no heads down or heads up. Instead people will be just walking around in the dark.

Citizens, Mafias, Cop, and Nurses
Day time:
At day time people try to figure out who the mafia is. While people are trying to figure out who exactly is the mafia, the mafias are signaling each other in any way possible and deciding who to kill at night time. The mafia game can't make it too obvious who they're trying to signal or else people will find out. This makes it easier for people to track down who the mafia is and will make it much more fun. While the mafias are signaling each other the nurses and the cops will also be signaling each other secretly, discussing amongst each other, who to save or who to ask the narrator if a man is a mafia. After all the talking everyone will come to a Conclusion who to kill. After one person is killed it goes to night time.
Night time:

This is where it is updated and changed the most. At night time, instead of the people putting their heads down people will instead walk around the dark for 5 minutes. This was originally thought up for a bonfire at the beach with 15 of my friends at night so doing in a room might be different. Also I chose to walk around instead of heads down because people tend to peek while the Mafia's choose who to kill and afterwards people accuse someone is mafia because they say they heard the mafia point so it was very hard accuse people properly, in the other hand in this updated version it is necessary to look around to see if the mafias are taking any action.

Visit Mafia City official site to know more about this game. In addition, the Chinese version of the game (黑道風雲) also has been online.

Author: SmallSheepDudugo

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