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increase system requirements and Mafia City is a real doozy
Adaugat pe 28/06/2018 08:55:25 de xanthethe
Having a seamless world to roam around in does increase the system requirements, and here Mafia City is a real doozy. Play Mafia Online,The minimum reqs
ask for a Core i5-2500K or FX-8120 for the CPU, and an HD 7870 or GTX
660 graphics card. I suspect the CPU is less of a factor with older
graphics cards (more on this later), but don't expect mainstream GPUs
from several years ago to run the game well. The recommended hardware
consists of a Core i7-3770 or better, and an R9 290X or GTX 780 / GTX
1060 GPU. Ouch.
Mafia City H5 Game
Initially, Mafia City struck me as a reasonably attractive game. Of course it could never live up to the concept art hype, but at high quality it looks good and at times great—sunsets in particular
can be quite pretty. The game also includes an active day/night cycle,
which generally means global illumination is required, and depending on
how it's implemented it can really tax your hardware.
What sort of
knobs and dials can you tweak to make the game run more smoothly? Not
many, actually—besides the usual resolution, V-sync, fullscreen toggle,
and the fps limiter, Mafia City has just nine items to tweak, and four
of those don't really count. For example, the screen borders option can
be useful if you're running on an HDTV that has overscan by default, but
for standard PC displays it's not important.
The global quality preset modifies eight core
graphics settings—depth of field, ambient occlusion, motion blur,
geometry detail, shadow quality, reflection quality, volumetric effects,
and antialiasing. Most of the individual settings have Low/Medium/High
settings that match to the global preset, with depth of field and motion blur being the only two on/off items.
Mafia City H5 Game

of the settings have almost zero impact on performance: depth of field,
motion blur, and geometry detail can be set on/off or low/high as you
see fit. Depth of field applies during cutscenes and when using the
sniper rifle, motion blur is a post-processing filter that doesn't
really change performance, Mafia City and
geometry detail is supposed to increase the object complexity, but in
practice on the cards I tested it makes very little difference—set it to
high and forget about it is my advice, as there are a few instances
where it can affect shadows.

Mafia City H5 Game

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