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Vertical sand pump
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It can be used for dredging and dredging with high-pressure clear water pumps, or it can be combined with several vertical pumps and horizontal marine-land mud pumps in series to form a pump operation group. Hydraulic mechanization construction by hydraulic sand digging, soil digging and filling units is to simulate the principle of water flow scouring in nature, and carry out sand digging and earth digging work by the function of hydraulic force. Water produces pressure through high-pressure pump. Through high-pressure water spraying, high-pressure and high-speed water column is emitted, water column impacts soil and sand, which makes soil and sand wet, disintegrate and mix. A mixture of mud and mud is then raised by vertical mud pump and transported to the sand by pipeline. The water filling and filling machine is simple and easy to use. It can complete digging, loading, transporting and filling at the same time, so it has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost, good engineering quality and weather-free construction. It is widely used in the excavation of coastal beach aquaculture factories, sediment lifting, dredging and embankment construction of lakes and rivers, low-lying land improvement, large, medium and small water conservancy projects, farmland capital construction and underground works. Scope of application: 1. sedimentation tanks, dredging and dredging of fish ponds, dredging and embankment of lakes and rivers. 2. transform the low-lying land. 3. sand unloading ships. 4. sands and land have much sediment and less sediment. Even emptying does not affect the use and emptying. Structural features: the 1. pump is composed of pump body, impeller, guard plate, motor frame and bearing assembly. 2. the shaft seal of the pump is sealed with rubber skeleton and oil seal. 3. the rotation direction of the pump: from the direction of the impeller inlet to counter clockwise rotation. 4. use auxiliary impeller to reduce impeller backpressure and extend seal life. 5. the overcurrent parts are made of white wear resistant cast iron and wear resistant.
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