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Beijing condemns Hong Kong protestors who threw flag in the sea
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Beijing's top body overseeing Hong Kong affairs on Sunday ­condemned the
actions of ­protesters who threw the Chinese flag into Victoria
Harbour.To get more china local news, you can visit shine news official website.

A small group of government supporters had earlier gathered in Tsim Sha
Tsui to raise the flag again following the incident ­during Saturday's
protest.Both the Hong Kong and ­Macau Affairs Office (HKMAO) and the
central government's liaison office in the city strongly condemned the
targeting of the national flag.

A spokesperson for the HKMAO said the act seriously violated the law,
flagrantly offended national dignity and trampled on the "one country,
two systems" principle.It also reiterated Beijing's backing for the
police, but unlike previous statements it did not ­express support for
the city's ­government and chief executive.

The liaison office said the act was "another public provocation against
the dignity of the country" - referring to an incident on July 21 when
protesters vandalised the national emblem outside the ­office in Sai
Ying Pun.The Hong Kong government also issued a statement condemning the
protesters' actions and said those who broke the law would face legal

The flag was thrown into the harbour on Saturday afternoon during a
ninth consecutive weekend of protests triggered by the now-shelved
extradition bill.Leung Chun-ying, the former chief executive of Hong
Kong, ­offered a reward of HK$1 million (S$175,494) for anyone who could
help police arrest those responsible for the ­incident.

"The five-starred red flag over Hong Kong symbolises the end of a
humiliating era after the opium war, it represents 1.4 billion Chinese
people's mutual wish for the return of Hong Kong, as well as the first
step to a peaceful unification and the Chinese people's unyielding
spirit," he wrote.

"The rioters who threw the flag into the sea … you will be sorry."It is
against the law to burn or desecrate the ­Chinese or Hong Kong flags.On
Saturday night a small group of government supporters in Hong Kong
gathered at the harbour in Tsim Sha Tsui to raise the national flag

The ceremony, involving around a dozen people, was led by Chan
Ching-sum, the convenor of Caring Hong Kong Power, a pro-government
group founded in 2011.On Sunday morning Leo Chan Manwell, a Tuen Mun
district councillor and member of the Federation of Trade Unions, also
showed up at the scene to sing the Chinese national anthem under the
raised flag with a group of supporters.

A commentary published ­on Sunday by state news agency Xinhua said the
protesters who threw the flag into the harbour had "publicly trampled on
­national dignity".It described their actions as "an insult to all
Chinese people, including Hongkongers, and is an unforgivable crime that
needs to be severely punished".In an editorial on Sunday, the Global
Times, a tabloid associated with the Communist Party's mouthpiece
People's Daily, called for "radicals" to be arrested.

"Since they have committed multiple crimes including assaulting police,
property damage and arson, Hong Kong police are within their rights to
make ­arrests," the article said."Even when they cannot make on-site
arrests, police can gather evidence and track down the suspects. It may
be a lengthy process to bring the thugs to justice but making on-site
arrests will be a good deterrent. Police authority will also be

State broadcaster CCTV joined the condemnation of the protesters with a
commentary in its prime time news bulletin Xinwen Lianbo, saying that
colour revolutions "from the Middle East to North Africa ... have only
brought destruction and chaos".

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