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cast iron
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Iron-carbon alloys with carbon content of more than 2%. The general carbon content of industrial cast iron is 2.5%-3.5%. Carbon exists mostly in graphite and sometimes in cementite form in cast iron. In addition to carbon, cast iron also contains 1% to 3% silicon, as well as manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and other elements. Alloy cast iron also contains nickel, chromium, molybdenum, aluminum, copper, boron, vanadium and other elements. Carbon and silicon are the main elements affecting the microstructure and properties of cast iron. Cast iron can be divided into:

Grey cast iron. Carbon content is high (2.7%-4.0%). Carbon mainly exists in the form of flake graphite. The fracture surface is gray, referred to as gray iron. Low melting point (1145-1250 C), small shrinkage during solidification, compressive strength and hardness close to carbon steel, good shock absorption. Because of the existence of flake graphite, it has good wear resistance. Casting performance and cutting process are better. It is used to manufacture machine tool bed, cylinder, box and other structural parts. Its brand number is "HT" followed by two groups of figures. For example: HT20-40 (the first number represents the lowest tensile strength, and the second number represents the lowest bending strength).
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(2) White cast iron. Carbon and silicon content are low. Carbon mainly exists in the form of cementite, and the fracture surface is silver white. The shrinkage is large during solidification, and shrinkage and crack are easy to occur. High hardness and brittleness, unable to bear impact load. It is mostly used as the blank of malleable cast iron and to make wear-resistant parts.

Malleable cast iron. Graphite is flocculent after annealing treatment of white cast iron, referred to as ductile iron. It has uniform structure, wear resistance, good plasticity and toughness. It is used to manufacture parts with complex shape and can withstand strong dynamic loads.
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(4) Ductile iron. The gray cast iron molten iron is spheroidized and the graphite precipitated is spheroidal, referred to as nodular iron. All or most of the carbon exists in free spherical graphite with silver gray fracture surface. Compared with common gray cast iron, it has higher strength, better toughness and plasticity. Its brand number is represented by two groups of numbers after "QT", such as: QT45-5 (the first group of figures represents the lowest tensile strength, and the second group of figures represents the lowest elongation). It is used for manufacturing internal combustion engines, automotive parts and agricultural machinery, etc.

Vermicular graphite cast iron. The graphite precipitated from molten iron of grey cast iron was wormlike after vermicularization treatment. The mechanical properties are similar to that of ductile iron, and the casting properties are between that of gray cast iron and ductile iron. Parts used to make automobiles.

_Alloy cast iron. Ordinary cast iron was obtained by adding appropriate alloying elements (such as silicon, manganese, phosphorus, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, copper, aluminium, boron, vanadium, tin, etc.). Alloy elements change the matrix structure of cast iron, which has the corresponding characteristics of heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance or non-magnetic. It is used to manufacture parts and components of mines, chemical machinery, instruments and meters.Large Size Square Steel Pipe For Fence Usgae

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