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Bolt Factory To Do Quality Inspection
Adaugat pe 13/08/2019 04:23:57 de haiyanabyihui

are parts that are used on a variety of machines and equipment. If the fasteners
are defective, they can cause significant damage to the overall machine.
Therefore, the inspection of the quality of fasteners is very

require professional management of the quality department, including the
production process of the product, which requires the continuous promotion and
optimization of quality professionals, as well as the efficiency of work and the
quality of work.

are only two big pieces of quality investment, personnel and equipment. So what
proportion of the quality of the bolt factory should be appropriate? There are
about 1,000 employees in a construction machinery bolt factory in Shaanxi, and
more than 50 people in the quality department, accounting for 5%. There are
1,500 employees in a well-known home appliance bolt factory in China, and there
are more than 200 people in the quality department, accounting for nearly 13%.
In fact, many quality departments of bolt factories have accounted for about 5%
to 10% of the total number of companies. The minimum limit for this ratio is 5%
and the maximum is 10%. Less than 5% of the quality personnel invested will
affect the development of the bolt factory. More than 10% may also result in
excess quality of the bolt factory. The specific conditions also need to be
considered in terms of the characteristics of the bolt factory products and the
maturity of the bolt factory management.

quality professional personnel, including basic inspectors, quality statistics
and analysts, quality standards, quality technical engineers, document control
personnel, system engineers, supplier quality engineers, R&D quality
engineers who pay attention to customer special requirements and solve practical
problems. , customer quality engineers, inspection technical engineers, quality
improvement engineers, and quality management personnel. The most feared
management of bolt factories is the lack of systemicity. However, the weakness
of China's bolt factories is the systematic nature of management, the systematic
nature of products, and the systematic nature of processes. These are the
strengths of the quality department. The most effective organization that can
connect discrete, isolated business units is the quality department. Looking at
the ISO standard is a system of management standards and product standards, you
know the value that the quality department can play.

the parts purchased by the company and the products produced cannot be visually
inspected. The necessary professional testing equipment investment is also an
important guarantee for quality inspection and professional testing of product
quality. Unexpectedly, the physical properties of raw materials, including
corrosion, strength, hardness, and viscosity, can be found through eye
observation. It is also impossible to visually find weight, electromagnetic
interference, stereo fit size, curved surface, etc. by visual inspection. If a
company does not pay attention to the professional measurement equipment
investment, if you want to do a good job, you can only make a cake to fill the
hunger or slogan.

hard work, a harvest! One investment, one report. Since we know that quality is
the life of a bolt factory, how should the managers of the bolt factory do the
quality investment in the bolt factory, that is, the life investment in the bolt

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