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What is The China Mechanical Parts Concept of Proactive Remanufacturing and the Best Timing Point
Adaugat pe 16/08/2019 11:29:10 de xinghui12

Nowadays, the China
Mechanical Parts
 process of products remanufacturing normally
consists of four key stages: Disassembly/Cleaning, Inspection/Grading,
Reprocessing, and Reassembly/Testing. Due to the uncertainty in performance
status of remanufacturing blank, inspection and grading of every unit is an
essential and massive work before remanufacturing, which meanwhile limits the
remanufacturing industrialization.

Proactive remanufacturing is a series of engineering activities
made to implement the remanufacture of products actively at some point during
the service time, aimed at guaranteeing products function and performance of the
original design, and taking high-quality, high efficiency, energy and material
saving, environmental protection and the total service time being longest as
principles. There are three important characteristics of proactive
remanufacturing:Proactive Instead of conducting remanufacturing after products
being retired, the timing is determined in advance, through comprehensive
decision method. When reached the time, the product should be remanufactured
actively. Proactive remanufacturing reduced the uncertainty of blanks. As a
result, the products can be remanufactured in batches, which made a great
increase in efficiency. The performance of products with the same design scheme
and batch will decrease. Then the timing exists objectively to achieve
comprehensive optimum of indexes in product life cycle.

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