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China Passenger Elevator Should Prevent Stagnant Water
Adaugat pe 26/08/2019 04:30:21 de otseALEX

to rain and other reasons, some
Passenger Elevator
will enter the water. Many people have insufficient understanding of the serious
impact of the Chinese passenger elevator bottom water on the safe operation of
Chinese passenger elevators. Some Chinese passenger elevator managers also
believe that as long as Chinese passengers The elevator can run, and it doesn't
matter if the pit is filled with water. In fact, the danger of water in the
bottom of the passenger elevator in China is very serious.

passenger passenger elevator pit is equipped with 110V safety circuit and 220V
maintenance circuit. The pit is extremely leaky in the case of water and
humidity, which will not only cause electric shock to the elevator maintenance
personnel of the Chinese passengers, but also because the Chinese passenger
elevator is an overall metal structure, the current will be directly transmitted
to the car, causing electric shock to the passengers. After the water in the
pit, due to the excessive humidity in the elevator shaft of Chinese passengers,
the safety contact of the elevator door locks of Chinese passengers on all
floors will be rusted. The safety loop of the passenger elevator bottom in China
is aging, which causes the Chinese passenger elevators to fail to judge the safe
operating conditions. The door is opened and there is a risk of cutting
passengers. The accumulation of water in the bottom of the passenger elevator in
China will cause the speed limiter tensioner at the bottom of the passenger
elevator in China to rust or slip, while the compensation chain at the bottom of
the passenger elevator car in China will bring the water to China during
high-speed movement. On the passenger elevator track, hall door, car top and
wire rope, the speed limiter is the last safety measure once the wire rope is
slipped. Since the speed limiter tensioning wheel cannot work normally, the
speed limiter cannot be started, which will directly cause the ladder to fall. .
The long-term accumulation of water in the pit, excessive humidity will cause
serious corrosion of the metal structure of the passenger body of the Chinese
passenger, and the corrosion of each metal contact will be invalid. The Chinese
passenger elevator is prone to abnormal noise, stagnation and excessive
friction, resulting in Chinese passenger elevator parts and The life of the
ladder is shortened.

it rains, as the Chinese passenger elevator manager, it is necessary to check
the Chinese passenger elevator pit for the first time. If there is any, it
should be cleaned up immediately with the Chinese passenger elevator maintenance
unit. Only in this way can the service life of the Chinese passenger elevator be
extended. To ensure the safe operation of Chinese passenger

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