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Control System For China Passenger Elevator
Adaugat pe 09/09/2019 05:55:07 de otseALEX

Passenger Elevator
classified according to control methods: they can be divided into handle switch
operated elevators, button control elevators, signal control elevators,
collective control elevators, parallel control elevators and group control

The handle switch controls the Chinese passenger elevator. It refers to the
elevator driver who turns the handle position (open/close) to operate the
elevator running or stopping. This kind of elevator is rarely seen.

The button controls the elevator. The button controls the elevator's running
inner station call button to operate. A certain station will press the call
button to the factory, and the elevator will start running to answer. In the
elevator running process is small, if there are other landing call button
presses, the recruiting system can only record the signal, can not answer, and
can not intercept the elevator until the elevator is completed before answering
the running landing Can answer other landing call signals. Generally used for
sundries elevators.

Signal control elevator. The signal control elevator collects the call signals
of each landing station, and arranges the call signals generated by the elevator
running direction in order, and the elevators sequentially answer the
passengers. The start of the elevator is operated by the elevator driver, and
the elevator at the landing station is controlled by the selection button signal
on the control panel of the car or by the signal of the landing call button
located outside the landing door. All call signals.

Collecting and controlling elevators. The collective control elevator collects
the call signals on the basis of signal control for selective response. The
elevator is operated without a driver. During the operation of the elevator, it
can automatically answer all the landing call signals in one direction. After
the elevator runs for one week, if there is no call signal, it will stop at the
base station for standby. In order to adapt to this control feature, the car
door is provided with a door protection device such as a safety touch panel, and
the car has no overload protection device.

The next episode controls the sightseeing elevator. The lower set selects the
elevator signal in the downward direction of the elevator collection elevator.
If the passenger wants to go from the lower landing to the higher landing, he
must take the elevator to the underground base station and then take the
elevator to the high-level station to go. Generally suitable for residential

Control the elevator in parallel. Parallel control elevators share a set of call
signal system, and two or three elevators of the same specification are
connected in parallel to control. When no passengers use the elevator, there is
often an elevator that stops at the base station for standby. The ladder is
called a base ladder; the other or two stations are docked in a pre-selected
landing in the middle of the trip, called a free ladder.

Group control cargo elevator. In a high-rise building with multiple elevators,
the elevators are divided into several groups in groups, each group of 3-8
elevators, several elevators in each group share a signal system, through the
elevator group control system (with centralized group control system) And the
decentralized group control system) coordinates the operation of interconnected
elevators to improve the service performance of the elevator system. The
excellent elevator group control system responds to the landing call signal of
the landing in a suitable manner than the passenger flow demand according to the

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