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What Is China Mechanical Parts?
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is the definition of Chinese mechanical parts? Which are
Mechanical Parts
What are the corresponding castings and forgings?

definition of Chinese mechanical parts is:

parts -- a single component that cannot be split.

the component - the combination of parts to achieve an action (or: function).
The part can be a part or a combination of multiple parts. In this combination,
one part is the main one, it realizes the specified action (or: function), and
other parts only play the auxiliary role of connection, fastening, guiding and
so on.

parts - under normal circumstances, all parts and components except the rack are
collectively referred to as parts. Of course, the rack is also a

for casting parts and forging parts, it is a classification of parts
manufacturing methods. Different materials and manufacturing methods give parts
different mechanical properties. Not the same concept as parts.

how to draw the drawings of Chinese mechanical parts

long as the CAD is simple, a mechanical part usually draws three figures on a
piece of paper: the main view (the picture seen from the front of the part), the
front view (the picture seen directly from the top of the part), the left view
(picture seen from the left side of the part). Generally, the three parts of the
simple drawing can be clearly expressed, like a gear shaft. A complicated
structure, but also a cross-sectional view and a partial enlarged view, is to
cut a part of the part and express its internal structure and dimensions, such
as screw holes, gear boxes, gears, and the like. It is not enough to know so
much. If you want to know in detail how to paint, you should also look at the
mechanical parts drawing. In fact, most of the actual use of assembly drawings,
there are many details to pay attention to, practice more, then read the book

addition, mechanical parts also have their own standardized production. This is
the standardization of mechanical parts in the United States, such as the length
and diameter of the screws, etc. A series of parts have been unified standards,
so that the machine is very easy to malfunction. repair. This measure is similar
to the Chinese Qin Shihuang's unified text, language, and weights and

the cleaning of Chinese mechanical parts.

dirt of mechanical parts mainly consists of grease, rust-proof grease and other
mixture of sludge. It can be cleaned with alkaline cleaning solution,
electrochemically cleaned, or cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic
cleaning is a special category for cleaning. It belongs to industrial cleaning.
Wash with alkaline cleaning solution. The chemical cleaning process of alkaline
cleaning solution is: hanging-alkali cleaning-washing (50-900C hot water)-drying
(cleaning hot compressed air is blown dry, requires strict parts, dried by
compressed air, It also needs to be baked in an electric blast drying oven of
105-1150C for 10 minutes. The electrochemical cleaning of alkaline solution with
alkaline cleaning solution should pay attention to the following points: it is
not suitable to clean the surface of the machine with thick oil, oil pollution
When thick, it needs to be pre-cleaned by other methods; general steel parts
should be cleaned on the cathode and then cleaned on the anode. For spring
parts, thin-walled steel parts, ultra-high-strength steel parts can not be
cleaned on the cathode (to avoid hydrogen permeation of materials, Produces
hydrogen embrittlement); parts made of materials such as copper, zinc, nickel,
etc. cannot be cleaned on the anode (avoid oxidation of the surface of the
material); quantitative analysis of the electrolyte is performed periodically,
and the drug is supplemented according to the analysis result.

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