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UEFA Champions League (UCL) Upgrade 81+ Pack In FIFA 20 | Check Here For Mor Info.
Adaugat pe 07/12/2019 11:41:15 de ChrisPineson
   UCL is short for UEFA Champions League, and UEFA is short for Union of European Football Associations. Now you guys must know what does UCL. And today, that is not what we mainly talk about. Now what we are discussing is UCL Upgrade 81+ Pack FIFA 20 was added to the game's Squad Building Challenge section of Ultimate Team.

  Champions League cards were added to packs last month in FIFA Ultimate Team, offering players who are in the Champions League blue item equivalents to their gold cards. In a change from FIFA 19, players did not receive an upgrade for their UCL cards rendering them useless in terms of gameplay advantage.

  EA Sports launched an upgrade SBC (Squad Building Challenge) in which players can get two UCL cards for just submitting a squad.

  UCL Upgrade 81  Pack FIFA 20: And Here Is Everything You Need Know:

  And now, here is everything you need to know about the UCL Upgrade 81  pack.

  This upgrade pack rewards players with two 81  rated UCL players. And unfortunately, these cards are untradeable which means you can not sell them for FIFA 20 coins on Transfer Market. And below are the requirements to complete the repeatable SBC:

  ①The Team Rating Requirement: 83
  ②The Team Chemistry Requirement: 50
  ③The Number Of Players In The Squad: 11

  The SBC is rather expensive for two untradeable cards. It's quite worth testing out a couple. but please keep in mind do not go wasting all of your very hard-earned FUT 20 coins and players on the packs. EA Sports now has set a precedent of using UCL cards in other SBCs, therefore, it is not a bad idea to just have some stored in the club, right?

  Last but not least, you should keep in mind that UCL 81 upgrade pack, in fact, is only available for just 2 days.

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