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Path of Exile: POE transactions and transaction prices
Adaugat pe 14/01/2020 04:21:03 de WendyG123

I found an excellent item while playing a casino game, but I don't
require it at this time (maybe it won't fit my current character, or
even I currently have a better character). Normally, I would make an
effort to "sell" it-publicly listing it desires to trade it with players
so they could earn some currency. The idea is, much like in any truly
free market, the commodity will not be valuable to me-but it can have
value to others, therefore we can make both of us better via an exchange
(assuming he does it to me Provides some value) in turn).
In principle, I can try and replace it with another device (not some Path of Exile Currency) that I require, but, much like in real life, this barter trade has lots of disadvantages and is also rarely used.

generally RPGs, two players have to be in the same play area to be able
to trade. This seemingly insignificant requirement caused natural
friction within the trading process. Usually, when I am from the game I
am playing the action-so every time a potential buyer sends me a message
saying he could be interested in what I am selling, I have to halt what
I am doing and head over to participate The buyer of the place (an
urban area or one on the player's hide). If both players are widely-used
to trading in POE, the operation is usually just one minute, but it is a
bit annoying and partially interrupts the overall game flow.

ever before, I decided to prevent selling these devices for a price
below some price (1 Chaos Orb) and believed that the smaller profit
wasn't worth my time-I prefer to continue playing the experience. If
after a while it sells for no less than 1, then I can get rid of it to
regain store storage.
I have defined how the exchange must produce a
net profit of at the very least 1 chaos or shouldn't happen at all-this
is my transaction price (naturally, it can vary between participants).
In awareness of, this result can be compared to the transaction costs POE Currency Buy
in real-life stock market-in real life, the exchange itself runs on the
small part of each transaction as brokerage fees, creating friction.

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