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The principle is that water such as blood in fat can conduct electricity
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The electronic body fat scale is a scale that can
measure not only body weight, but also fat, water, etc. There are two types of
sensors on the market, namely the Eto membrane and the electrode plate, which
can measure body fat.

The principle of the body fat scale is that the muscle contains
more water, such as blood, which can conduct electricity, but fat is not.
Because the channel conductor of current in the human body is muscle, the weight
of muscle can be understood by the difficulty of current passing, so as to judge
the proportion of body weight.

Correct health concept: A healthy body depends on the balance of
body fat. Excessive fat accumulation is harmful to the body and causes various
diseases. Body fat is an important part of the human body and has important
functions in the human body, such as providing energy, protecting internal
organs, maintaining body temperature, assisting in the absorption of
water-soluble vitamins, and participating in human metabolic activities.
However, too much fat will affect human health, leading to diabetes,
cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

In addition, obese patients often face various troubles, such as
fear of heat, effects on body shape and fatigue easily. Therefore, doctors and
experts recommend that the shape of the body be controlled within a certain
range. With the improvement of people's living standards, people are paying more
and more attention to health issues, which has also promoted the development of
body composition measurement science.

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