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Avoid violent pushing, collision, impact force
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How should home weighing
be maintained?

1. Keep the whole household electronic scale

Household electronic scales are a kind of precise measuring
instruments. Keeping the whole machine clean is of great significance to prolong
its service life and improve measuring accuracy.

Keep all parts of the household electronic scale free of dust
and oil, keep the flexible joints flexible and prevent rust, and use it in harsh
environments such as dusty and corrosive gases to clean and clean in

2. Avoid violent pushing, collision and impact of
household electronic scales.

The home electronic scale is composed of many electronic
components, such as integrated circuits, quartz crystals, display devices,
sensors, etc. When the home electronic scale is subjected to violent external
forces, these elements and accessories may be damaged, causing the home
electronic scale to malfunction and affect accuracy It will affect the normal
use, to avoid the strong collision of the scale body and other objects or
falling from the height, the display instrument should be handled gently,
carefully managed, not exposed to strong sunlight for a long time to prevent
unnecessary losses, the instrument is fixed In places with strong vibration,
vibration damping measures should be taken to avoid affecting its

A measuring instrument that measures the mass (weight) of the
object by the gravity acting on the object. The scale equipped with the
electronic device is a household electronic scale. Household electronic scale is
a kind of weight-bearing device equipped with electronic components. It has the
characteristics of fast weighing, convenient reading, working under harsh
environmental conditions, easy to combine with computer technology to realize
the automation of weighing technology and process control, etc. . Household
electronic scales use electronic weighing devices integrated with modern sensor
technology, electronic technology and computer technology to meet and solve the
"fast, accurate, continuous and automatic" weighing requirements proposed in
real life, while effectively eliminating human errors, Make it more in line with
the application requirements of legal metrology management and industrial
production process control.

By analyzing the development of electronic weighing products in
recent years and the needs of domestic and foreign markets, the general
development trend of electronic weighing instruments is miniaturization,
modularization, integration, and intelligence; its technical performance trends
are high speed, high accuracy, and stability. High, high reliability; its
function trend is the "intelligent" function that weighs the control information
and non-control information of weighing measurement; its application performance
tends to be comprehensive and combined.

For details, please contact: electronic scale factory.

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