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Buy Air Jordan 14 Rip Hamilton on 2019mensjordans
Adaugat pe 19/03/2019 14:51:55

As early as last year, there was news of the re-enactment. The White Red Air Jordan 14 was not only the last generation of the boots that Jordan launched during the Bulls, but also the PE color that Hamilton wore during the 1999 NCAA Tournament. Recently, this remarkable Air Jordan 14 Rip Hamilton ushered in the first real exposure. 2019 Mens Jordans can be found from the spy photos that the Hamilton PE version released this time is identical to the Air Jordan 14 “Candy Cane” in color matching. With white as the main body, inject the eye-catching red in the details to restore the classic Chicago dress. The huge carbon plate with the mid-base separation Zoom cushioning technology is also a very high configuration specification. It is a good choice for daily brushing and battle. The unique tongue and heel design, as well as the nameplate with the Jumpman Logo on the upper, are not only highly recognizable, but also inspired by the design of the Ferrari sports car.

The marine charity Parley for the Oceans and adidas bring together joint ventures every year, and the adidas classic cushioning shoes Ultra Boost is the most popular style of both parties, and recently ushered in the first exposure of the new color in 2019! Based on Ultra Boost 4.0, Parley x adidas Ultra Boost is based on the vast majority of the body material that is recycled from recycled marine plastic waste. The heel stabilizer is not only presented with the iconic marine texture, but also the traditional three-line frame of the shoe. The same method is used for the same method. The tongue and the ring are strikingly embellished with both the Parley and adidas logos, demonstrating the extraordinary joint status! Finally, it is equipped with a full-boost
Boost and anti-twist stereo stabilizer throughout the sole for excellent comfort. The sense of foot and face are well-known, the rare black body and white texture details create a good wearing attribute, coupled with Parley for the Oceans's marine public interest theme, making it more unique and special.

In 2019, WMNS-specific sneakers are becoming more and more common, which officially indicates that also sells sneakers more to girls. In the recent Paris conference, Jordan Brand even exposed the five-double Air Jordan 1, one-off. In addition to the three different colors, the pure black and white patent leather Air Jordan 1 Mid attracts the attention , let's take a look at the details of the real thing. With the theme of Yin and Yang of Chinese culture, the shoes of pure black and pure white patent leather look very full of the first year. The choice of shoes in the middle also means that these two colors are more cost-effective, and they are also more suitable for spring and summer.

Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0 on 2019sneakersrelease.com
Adaugat pe 12/03/2019 08:37:50

2019 Mens Jordans In addition to the unforgettable OG color match, the Air Jordan 1 has a high popularity today, and the original color matching that follows is also indispensable! Since its debut in 2015, the theme of the crushed rebounds, whether it's black buckles, white buckles or silk buckles, has an excellent market performance. Last year, a new version of the rumored Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0 emerged, now Finally released the detailed release information! Still inheriting black and white buckles, the highly recognizable black orange dress reproduces the most classic color separation structure.

Jordans 2019 Shoes Officially entered March in 2019, the highly anticipated Nike Festival Air Max Day is about to kick off. In fact, as early as last year's Nike Air Max Day, the Air Max 1/97, designed by Sean Wotherspoon, the famous trend-setting medieval store, Round Two, still has a huge response to the entire shoe circle. The first release date is the Air Max 97 Neon Seoul from Seoul-based designer Gwang Shin, which is definitely worth looking forward to. The shoes are selected from the Air Max family's classic member Air Max 97. The overall design is inspired by the neon sign. The matte black body is lined with red, white and blue lines. The Swoosh in the middle of the shoe interprets the aesthetics. The value is comparable to the OFF-WHITE joint name. At the same time, the words “seoul” on the tongue and insole show the color status, which is definitely a color that is worth looking forward to.

The Air Force 1 low-cut series can be regarded as 2019 Sneakers Release evergreen shoes, with a variety of color schemes and versatile shoes, which are loved by shoe fans. Recently, a new color matching Air Force 1 Low picture was released. The shoes are mainly white, with a green outsole, which looks very fresh. It is worth mentioning that the gradient green jelly texture Swoosh Logo echoes the soles, and the whole pair of shoes is absolutely refreshing in summer.

2019 Nike Air Max Plus WU-TANG CLAN Will Release Soon
Adaugat pe 04/03/2019 14:09:57

Nike Air Max Plus is popular with hip hop enthusiasts for its retro look and avant-garde design. Recently, Nike has teamed up with the well-known New York HIP-HOP combination WU-TANG CLAN to bring a Nike Air Max Plus WU-TANG CLAN with a color matching. The color scheme is simple and simple. The whole is white as the base, supplemented by black outlines. The rear Air Max air cushion pillar adopts yellow makeup points, which echoes the toe reinforcement and the yellow dress on the edge of the upper, highlighting the youthful vitality. It is worth mentioning that the bracket on the upper is presented in a white to yellow manner and is full of playfulness.

Recently, Nike has brought its new retro shoes Air Max 1 and Air Max 98 to a new color matching eye-catching leopard dress! The new Nike WMNS Air Max 1 Premium collection is called Black Leopard. The leather and fabric are made of high-quality leather. The black body is covered with black and blue contrasting leopard prints to create a mysterious atmosphere. It also shows the trend of neon color and wildness!

With its simple body design, the Nike Air Force 1 has become the best “canvas” for many designers, and it has become more eye-catching as the theme changes. This time, it brings a new product that incorporates cherry blossom powder color and deconstruction design. Nike Air Force 1 Jester High XX Wmns upper is soft and pink leather, with a white midsole and purple Swoosh embellishment. There is a Velcro brace at the upper, which enhances the overall design while being easy to put on and take off. It is worth mentioning that the logo of the heel of this pair of shoes uses a unique design to reverse the whole piece of leather, which is extremely recognizable. A label design has been added to the outside of the shoe body, which has a feeling of deconstructing the wind.

AR6632-401 Nike WMNS Air VaporMax 2019
Adaugat pe 27/02/2019 03:18:53

Nike has always been avant-garde and bold in the innovation of color. The design competition of Nike Air Max Day has pushed the color matching of the Air Max series to a higher level. Recently, a new color matching Air VaporMax 2019 official release. The outermost layer of the Nike WMNS Air VaporMax 2019 is covered with a very chic misty blue flap, and the inner layer is matched with a metallic blue dark blue, which is in harmony with the matte aluminum. The heel of the midsole is embellished with blue and purple like a starry sky. The light blue of the outsole is the perfect color of the shoes. It is fresh and chic.

Since the official launch of the adidas Ultra Boost 2019 last year, a number of color schemes have followed. Recently, the new “Grey Powder” color scheme has just been released, and the well-known sneaker creative blogger glackster has opened a series of very interesting photos with these shoes, vividly showing the unique upper design of these shoes. .

Today the adidas official public number officially announced the results of the Yeezy 700 "Salt" winning. Students who are accompanying the run should not be discouraged. At 10 o'clock tomorrow, the adids official website will give you a chance to start the original price! In addition to the popular Salt color scheme, the adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Inertia, which was released on March 9th, is also worth your attention. The whole is made up of different shades of gray, which highlights the sense of layering and returns to the most familiar earth color dress. The midsole is decorated with bold orange accents, adding a touch of vitality. The upper is still presented with a fur and breathable mesh, and the 3M reflective material that Grandpa loves will naturally not be absent. In the spring of warmth, this extremely refreshing adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Inertia” will be the perfect choice for your daily routine.

Air Jordan 1 Flight Nostalgia Release This Friday
Adaugat pe 20/02/2019 13:42:33

Long-awaited, 2019 Mens Jordans official website finally popped up this Air Jordan 1 Flight Nostalgia release notice, it seems that this Friday's sale is really hammered! With a very refreshing white color, the lake is green and the body is made of leather and fur. It is easy to relax and has a good texture. In detail, in addition to the “SP 19 Air Jordan 1 High OG” print on the upper, the “Nike Air” lettering on the tongue is also eye-catching. The purple laces that accompany the shoes complement the water and green of the shoes, highlighting the theme of the Charlotte Hornets, and also aiming to pay tribute to the city that hosts the NBA All-Star Game. The effect of the upper foot is also extraordinarily fresh and pleasant, suitable for the “vibrant” style, and it is also very suitable to cater to the upcoming spring.

2019 Sneakers Release Putting a lot of running topics in the form of graffiti on the vamp, this pair of Nike Zoom Fly SP Fast not only makes you full of personality, but also saves you the trouble of finding someone to customize shoes. The refreshing and pleasant light pink main color is black graffiti, the flaps upper and the white midsole are covered, and the lively and pulsating style also gives a relaxed and pleasant feeling. The Nike Zoom Fly SP Fast official website will be on sale soon. It caters to the highly popular graffiti theme in the field of sneaker customization. This pair of running shoes is also particularly suitable for the upcoming spring.

Travis Scott, a talented rapper with a unique trend, has caused an uproar since the first collaboration with Jordans 2019 Shoes. Recently, the Travis Scott x Air Jordan XXXIII, which was repeatedly exposed, has finally been officially released. This color scheme is dominated by Travis Scott's favorite olive green, and the body is made of mesh and hot-melt reinforcement. The
white label of the tongue is logo, followed by the white line Nike Logo. The overall material selection and detailing design has a strong western denim temperament, and the FastFit fastening system on both sides of the shoe is fixed in position, made of black nubuck and olive green matte leather. The side stretch is changed to a wide drawstring with the words “PULL PROJECT”. In the back half of the shoe, the heel is wrapped in brown suede. The cross line is like a saddle, very elegant. The black and white in the back of the midsole is divided into two, which is unique.

AR2257-005 Social Status x Air Jordan 6
Adaugat pe 11/02/2019 15:42:48

Yesterday, Jordan Brand launched the NBA All-Star series, in which a pair of special materials Social Status x Air Jordan 6 attracted the attention of Xiaobian. Today, the official map is released, let us take a look. Social Status x Air Jordan 6 is inspired by the title of “Black Cat”, which is made of black horsehair and snakeskin. With the iconic purple of the Charlotte Hornets, the details are noble. In response, the insole is also purple. It is worth mentioning that the heel is the same as the black and red 6 generation, with the most OG Nike Swoosh. The upper edge of the upper is made of high-quality leather, which shows high specifications.

Nike Air Max Light was originally born in 1989. To celebrate its 30th birthday, Nike deliberately returned with OG's color-matched Air Max Light. Nike Air Max Light is mainly white, with different shades of blue to highlight the color layering. At the same time, add gray to make the overall color match a more harmonious atmosphere. The upper is made of nub leather and mesh to ensure texture while enhancing breathability. The midsole is equipped with a visual Air Max air cushion for everyday commuting and jogging.

On the European and American music circles,2019 Sneakers Release, a non-brand manager, can be said to be numerous. But the shoe king in Sneakerhead may not be DJ Khaled. Not only does the brand deliberately send him a limited amount of shoes, he can always receive various over-limits through various relationships. Recently, he has released a pair of ultra-limited Air Jordan 6 Oregon PE shoes. The black suede upper is embellished with details such as a fluorescent green midsole and a heel flap. The upper is also vented into the Oregon “O” logo, which is very unique. Through his video on Twitter, you can see that he likes this pair of shoes very much. However, the speed of this pair of shoes, he is afraid to lose to the NBA shoe king P.J. Tucker. Because as early as 3 days ago, the Rockets played against the squad, Tucker was already on the foot of this pair of over-limit sneakers.

Black Red Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG 555088-061
Adaugat pe 05/02/2019 01:50:52

Last year, the Air Jordan 1 series of various color schemes sold well for a year. It has not been finished in January this year, and a number of color schemes have been released, and the momentum has not been reduced. Recently, a new color matching Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG detail map was re-exposed. The color scheme of this pair of shoes is similar to the “prohibition of resale” released last year, with large areas of black and white. The red Swoosh Logo echoes the red upper. The rare white flying wing logo is reflected in black leather, which is retro and extraordinarily eye-catching. At present, the black and red color of the "no resale" gold code market price has been nearly $1000, this black and red color is once a sale, it is a good alternative shoes, may directly affect the "no resale" market price.

A few days ago, 2019 Mens Jordans had exposed a pair of graffiti Nike Zoom Fly shoes. Today's new pair of Nike Odyssey React 2 Flyknit is presented in the same way, to carry out the graffiti! The overall display of versatile black and white color, highlighting the simple design. The insole is presented in light pink, with a fresh, fresh breath. Different from the 1st generation of shoes, the rear side has a reinforcing design, while the more breathable and comfortable Flyknit replaces the mesh material. The biggest highlight is undoubtedly the graffiti element blessing. The Swoosh Logo on both sides of the vamp, the heel support, the inner midsole and the outsole are all in a unique style of graffiti. It is worth mentioning that the words “I Love Run” appear on the shoelaces and insoles. While ensuring the overall color of the color, it also points out the sports spirit that a runner should have.

In the summer of 2018, Air Jordan Sneakers launched the top-class basketball shoes Air Jordan 33 series, which combines excellent performance and outstanding appearance is undoubtedly one of the most highly regarded basketball shoes in recent years. Recently, another brand new color has been officially put on the official website. This color scheme is very festive with the "China Red" and black, which makes the mesh knit upper and mesh leather look extraordinarily extravagant. The slightly purple outsole gives the shoes a touch of playfulness. The overall color is very comfortable. It is a real-life model with a high value and good texture.

384664-060 Air Jordan 6 Bred Will Release in February
Adaugat pe 28/01/2019 14:21:27

Recently, the most heavyweight sneakers are on sale. The black and red Air Jordan 6 Bred is scheduled to officially return on February 16th, and today's foot map is also the first exposure! Ingeniously combining the two color words Black and Red, Bred Black is not only the earliest color matching theme of the Air Jordan series, but also the essential color matching for each positive generation. On the other hand, as Jordan's first champion boots, it symbolizes the main color atmosphere of the Chicago Bulls. The classic status and super high popularity are self-evident. The last time it was re-enacted 5 years ago, the biggest difference is that the Nike Air logo is used in the first year to perfectly restore the OG dress. The black cow leather upper is complemented by a more intense laser red accent. Compared to 2014, many players have too shallow and partial powder, which is far from the impression. This time it is more in line with everyone's mind!

The Air Jordan 1, which was released last year,Jordans 2019 Shoes has not been released for new products this year. In addition to a pair of all-star color combinations, the Air Jordan 1 “Crimson Tint”, which is dressed in black powder, must attract the attention of many players. As early as 2017, Jordan had created a pair of ultra-standard dirty powder for the Miami Art Basel. Air Jordan 1, because of the rare amount of goods limited by friends and relatives, the price of the shoes in the domestic market reached more than 30,000 yuan. This new black powder Air Jordan 1 undoubtedly meets everyone's expectations for the pair of sky-high color. The familiar black toe dress is back again, but this year, the area of ​​the lychee skin is increased on the material, and the invisible texture is improved. Black contrasts with light pink, black occupies a larger proportion, retains versatile attributes while adding a personality-like eye-catching effect.

2019 Sneakers Release With the official launch of the adidas Ultra Boost 19 debut color at the end of last year, adidas' new generation of super running shoes was also officially unveiled. In view of the colorful color of the Ultra Boost sold in the past, the Ultra Boost 19 also sells a variety of arrogant color combinations, but the popularity of it is often just on the adidas official website, it will be sold out, let Many Ultra Boost fans have never experienced this pair of running shoes. Recently, a new color matching Ultra Boost 19 official release. The upper part of the upper is made of black and pink. The lower part is decorated with pure white, and the upper support system is transformed into a pure black dress, and the overall texture is fresh and bright.

Will You Cop New Air Jordan 1 Mid Equality ?
Adaugat pe 13/01/2019 15:00:33

As the black history month approached, Nike began to launch “Equality”, calling for racial equality. In addition to the upcoming LeBron 16 “Equality”, an Anthony-specific Air Jordan 1 Mid Equality will be officially launched next week. Continuing the black and white tones of the “Equality” series, the color distribution is almost identical to the classic black and white Air Jordan 1 OG. The Swoosh Logo is printed with a national wind totem texture that highlights the spirit of racial equality. The “EQUALITY” font followed by a unique pictogram symbol is more individual than a regular font. The tongue and insole also feature an exclusive Anthony logo that highlights the unique identity.

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers will jointly bring the new black moon “BHM” series each year, which is the opening ceremony of the annual sneaker circle. In the history of the number of sneakers, many black moon color combinations have become classics. At the end of last year, the Instagram shoe account houseofheat was first exposed to the news of the Black Moon Air Jordan 2 BHM this year, and the results were shown. Recently, the official map of these shoes was officially announced, which is completely different from the previous exposure. The shoes are mainly black, with rich dark details on the upper, and the geometric pattern is drawn in blue, yellow and pink. The outer sole also uses blue, yellow and pink stitching for strong visual impact. It also contains a strong ethnic customs. The details are also extremely rich, and the basketball logo on the tongue is highlighted in gold with a gold-tone embellishment. The left and right heels are marked with gold “BHM” and “NIKE” characters.

Ultra Boost is the most popular running shoe for adidas. This year, with a new look, it can't help but make people shine. Recently, we are welcoming new color schemes for sale. The biggest highlight is the colorful woven upper, which extends from the toe to the heel, while ensuring integrity and visual impact. Compared to the past, the TPU at the heel of the Adidas Ultra Boost 2019 has been hollowed out, and the original three-line logo on both sides is combined and presented in a semi-transparent manner, taking into account the comfort and technology. It is worth mentioning that the volume of the midsole Boost has also increased, further enhancing the comfort in wearing.

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