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Incense burner
Adaugat pe 14/08/2018 09:59:51
Censer is a necessary utensil for xiangdao, and the incense burner is an indispensable part of Chinese folk custom, religion and sacrificial activities. Generations using a cigarette containing, hand warmer, sweet bucket, lie in boshan ship furnace burning incense, incense cone shape, as well as the smoke ball, incense, incense dish, incense boxes, terminal, sweet, sweet spoon, fragrance and sweet bursa and other auxiliary equipment. The main materials used in censer are copper, ceramics, gold and silver, bamboo wood, enamel and jade. There are also many USES, or smoking clothes, or furnishings, or to worship the Buddha. The shape is usually square or round, with a square censer with four legs; The round censer has three legs, one foot in front and two feet behind. read more:

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Wood carving incense burner
Adaugat pe 13/08/2018 09:26:38
Censer is one of the sacrificial utensils placed before the sacred table. Its shape is like a tripod, and the top button is more carved into the shape of a lion, so it is also called censer lion. When the sacrifice ceremony was held, the spices were ignited in the copper stove, and then put into the incense lion. This incense burner is rolled up on four legs, and the two sides of the belly are inlaid with "carp jumping dragon door" and "profound ancient patterns" rectangular carving pieces. The left and right sides of a engrave engrave with flower pattern furnace ears, high up; Under the abdomen are arranged on all sides of brocade ground to light, inside which the painting of ancient still life is painted by iron wire painting. The lid of the furnace is a fierce looking round lion as the main body, three lovely small lions play around its side. The whole instrument is elegant and solemn, beautiful and practical. read more:

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Huawei NE5000E 1T platform core router
Adaugat pe 13/08/2018 06:10:23
Recently, China Unicom Shandong Branch (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Unicom) and Huawei jointly deployed CloudBackbone solution in Jinan to jointly verify the industry-leading NE5000E 1T platform capability and real-time traffic tuning capability of SDN IP network optimization solution to help Shandong China Unicom took the lead in entering the era of ultra-wide cloud backbone.

In recent years, Shandong Unicom's IDC business has developed rapidly, and the design bandwidth of a single computer room has been nearly 4T. In order to cope with the rapid growth of traffic, Shandong Unicom deployed the industry-leading NE5000E 1T platform core router at the IDC export in Jinan, and its customer access capability and large-bandwidth service processing capability have been greatly improved.

At the same time, the NE5000E aggregates the traffic of multiple IDC rooms and simplifies the network architecture to meet the rapid development of cloud services. Shandong Unicom Jinan IDC completed the SPINE-LEAF architecture transformation under a single autonomous domain, realized resource pooling across physical DCs through EVPN technology, and formed the IDC network resource pool with the largest single-point traffic volume in the country, effectively meeting the cloud high. Anti-service T-level access bandwidth requirements.

At the same time, the NE5000E1T platform router deployed by Shandong Unicom can be compatible with the original 400G line card to achieve smooth expansion and save investment; and reduce power consumption through advanced chip energy-saving technology and heat dissipation technology, the unit power consumption is only one-half of the industry. Effectively meet the high efficiency and energy saving appeal of Shandong Unicom.

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S2700 52P EI AC S2700 52P EI AC (48 pieces 10 / 100Base TX
enrutador huawei router ar151w p enrutadores inalámbricos de largo alcance, vista
лучший выбор для ip телефона с поддержкой wifi 3cx | 3cx

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CQ type magnetic drive pump
Adaugat pe 10/08/2018 09:52:04

CQ magnetic drive pump applies the working principle of permanent magnet coupling to the new products of centrifugal pumps. It is reasonable in design, advanced in technology, fully sealed, leak-free and corrosion-resistant. Its performance reaches the advanced level of similar products abroad.

The magnetic pump replaces the dynamic seal with the static seal, so that the flow passage parts of the pump are in a completely sealed state, which completely solves the unavoidable defects of running, running and dropping of other pump mechanical seals. Magnetic pump is made of corrosion-resistant, high-strength engineering plastics, corundum ceramics, stainless steel and other materials, so it has good corrosion resistance, and can be transported media from pollution.

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Tea glaze incense burner
Adaugat pe 09/08/2018 07:08:41
Tea dust glaze originated from the tang dynasty black glaze, initially appears to be burnt black glaze porcelain and the appearance of a special variety, not fired. Ming yuji factory produced tea glaze, glaze color yellow embellish, with black or dark brown spots, like eel in the skin color, called "eel yellow". Tea dust glaze is a kind of high temperature yellow glaze, usually the firing temperature is around 1300 degrees. Tea dust has distinct characteristics, special enamel, not as pure as monochromatic glaze, its glaze yellow and green doping, green is called tea, yellow is the end. There is no tea that is eel yellow. And the yellow and green blend almost perfectly. This can be called tea dust glaze! This furnace round mouth, drum abdomen, bearing three feet, simple and unsophisticated shape, elegant atmosphere. Apply tea dust glaze throughout. Bottom engraved "qing qianlong year" six - character book. Height: 13cm, abdominal diameter: 21.65cm, diameter: 20.05cm. Color slants green, true qianlong style, collection value is extremely high. read more:

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How to deal with the oil on the cover of the incense burner
Adaugat pe 07/08/2018 07:37:13
I don't know if this incense burner is made of copper. If it is, it is better not to use detergent or other cleaning products. Otherwise, there will be a lot of flavor before the tar is completely covered. That oil is tar, which is the same tar as cigarettes, not vegetable oil. Cleaning method is to buy if you want to keep the surface clean degree, then, when will be immediately after each incense use a wet towel to wipe clean, and there the thick tar, remove method is also in your dish incense burner, or censer, use after a period of time, there is a relatively thick tar, some only incense, incense burning, tar because the quantity of heat of smoke was softened, bamboo or wooden chopsticks, tar can easily put incense burner cover off, don't wash, wash, after a lot of tar and the flavor of copper, a few days will not fade. read more:

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Current stainless steel pipe market demand situation
Adaugat pe 07/08/2018 06:09:04
Support factors such as improved demand for stainless steel pipe market and low stocks still exist, but the soaring steel price in a short period of time has deviated from the impact of supply and demand fundamentals, and the signs of funds and emotions have contributed. With the unilateral rise of steel futures, the willingness of merchants to cash in on the previous low-cost resources will be strengthened, and the short-term 40cr alloy round steel spot steel price will face the pressure of high callback.

This week, Shencheng was dominated by fine weather, but the overall market turnover remained sluggish. Except for better shipments on Tuesday, shipments were weaker in several other trading days. According to the statistics of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Statistics, the investment in real estate development in Shanghai in the first four months increased by 11.6% year-on-year, 0.7 percentage points lower than that in January-March.

From January to April, the newly started housing area decreased by 4.2% year-on-year and the year-on-year growth of 2.8% in January-March. Among them, the new residential construction area decreased by 25.4% year-on-year, which was 24.9 percentage points lower than that in January-March. In addition, from January to April, Shanghai's rural infrastructure investment increased by 14.7% year-on-year. Chongqing's stainless steel pipe growth rate dropped by 0.8 percentage points from January to March.

It can be seen that the growth rate of real estate and infrastructure investment in Shanghai has slowed down markedly in April, and the year-on-year growth rate of new housing starts has been turned from a rise to a decline. In addition, the current market is in the transition phase of the off-peak season, and the high-temperature rainwater weather in all parts of the country is increasing, and the demand for short-term terminal demand is still weaker. In terms of funds, the central bank placed a net investment of 50 billion yuan in the open market this week, ending the previous three weeks of net withdrawals. Last week, it was a net return of 110 billion yuan.

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setting up the wireless network of fiber network line
Adaugat pe 03/08/2018 05:16:32

1, also in the Huawei Cx600 Spu Service Board setting interface, we then click the router to set the wireless settings on the left side of the interface. After that, there will be a series of wireless settings. We first click "basic settings" and then display the basic set interface of the wireless network on the right side, as follows:

As shown above, we enter a name for our own wireless network at the SSID location to facilitate the wireless setting of wireless network signals, and quickly find their own wireless networks. For example, I fill in the name of win7sky.com (this can be filled in at will), and then "open the wireless function" at the bottom. "And" turn on SSID radio, "and then click" save "at the bottom.

2. After completing the above steps, we click on the "wireless security setting" under the left Bo Huawei Acd Espace U2990 Ims Ngn Connect Asr set menu, and the "wireless network security setting" interface will be popped on the right side, as follows:

As above, we first choose WPA2 encryption, and then in the PSK password column, fill in the wireless network password, in order to prevent other people from rubbing network, this password is set as complex as possible, do not set to 12345678 what, so it is easy to be guessed by people, heavy to have the risk of being rubbed on the net, it is suggested to try to make it possible Combine the numbers with the alphabet. After that, we can click "save" at the bottom, so the wireless network setting of the fiber router has been completed. At this time, if there are smartphones or notebooks or tablet computers, we can try to use the search wireless network and find our own wireless network connection. After we input the password we set up, we can connect successfully and achieve wireless internet access.

On the laptop, the wireless network is introduced here, and all the tutorial on how to set up a fiber router is all introduced. In general, the configuration of the optical fiber wireless router is more simple than our common cat + wireless router, because there is less connection between the cat and the wireless router.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the above author demonstrates the method of setting up the +TP-Link wireless router in the fiber network. If you are the other brand routers, the basic setup steps are the same, different only are the different layout of the Original Huawei Power Converter 15A 30A Eps30 4815Af Communication Power Supply setting interface.

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Clear yongzheng ge glaze incense burner
Adaugat pe 01/08/2018 09:31:06
The shape of the incense burner of the elder brother glaze varies greatly from the late Ming dynasty to the qing dynasty. The main point is that at the end of the ah ge glaze incense burner, is a straight cylinder type. But string grain is thick kind, this is in late Ming dynasty the chongzhen is particularly popular, it is flat commonly. However, in the early qing dynasty, for example, the glazes of kangxi were generally darker in color and more oily. In addition, the early qing dynasty inherited the glaze furnace of the late Ming dynasty. He also has string grain, but this string grain is smaller than that of the Ming dynasty. The second point is that the glaze of the elder brother, such as the elder brother of kangxi, especially the people's kiln, will be darker in color and will be very oily. Then it tends to be a small opening, slightly greenish. There are also those like the Ming dynasty goji glaze, are small open pieces but gray. To yongzheng qianlong, especially in the late kangxi period to yongzheng, ge glaze incense burner, this kind of waist under the ruyi foot. This type of glaze incense burner, especially in the early qing dynasty, was common from the late kangxi period to the yongzheng period. This girdle is one of its features. read more:

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