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Introduction Of Basic Copper Sulphate
Adaugat pe 20/02/2020 03:24:45

chloride dihydrate is a fungicide, which is widely used in agriculture. In
recent years, it is also very popular in all major markets and has made great
progress. So how can 
Chloride Dihydrate
used to improve its disease prevention effect in practical

of all, we need to carefully understand the characteristics of cupric chloride
dihydrate. Its sterilization mechanism is to make spores absorb the copper ions
contained in it, and when the concentration reaches a certain level, it will
kill the spores, which makes it a very good protective fungicide.

Copper Sulphate
not only widely used in agriculture, but also can be used to prevent and control
diseases. In the use process, it needs to be diluted and then sprayed evenly.
Under the condition of high temperature or relatively high humidity, the use of
basic copper sulfate is reduced. When it is used on fruits and vegetables, it
should not be used in flowering period or young fruit period.  When diluting, it
should be proportioned according to the appropriate concentration in the
instruction manual, and remember not to reduce or increase the concentration at

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Selection Of Copper Acetate
Adaugat pe 13/02/2020 03:31:44

our life, no matter when we buy any product, we will compare goods with goods
and choose a more formal manufacturer with larger production scale. Copper
acetate is a chemical substance that we often see, and many people may not have
a special understanding of it, but in any case, we still need to pay more
attention when choosing a 
Acetate Manufacturers
The following are some related knowledge that we introduce to you.  I hope I can
help everyone.

First of all, before purchasing copper acetate, more comparisons are needed to
check whether the manufacturer is a regular manufacturer, whether the
qualification certificates are complete and the size of the scale.

After purchasing, ask about the after-sales service of copper acetate
manufacturers, so that users can be more confident in purchasing and the
after-sales service can be guaranteed.

good quality can not only affect the reputation of the manufacturer, but also
gain the trust of users.

above mentioned phenomena are all matters that we need to pay attention to when
purchasing copper acetate. I hope you will pay more attention during the
purchasing process.

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Application Of Copper Acetate In Industry
Adaugat pe 16/01/2020 03:19:28


Industrial grade

Industrially used as printing and mordant.

It is also used in the electroplating and electrolytic industries, and can also
be used to make cables.

also be used as a wood preservative. Sleepers soaked in copper acetate solution
can prolong the use time.

Agricultural grade

In agriculture, it can be used to prevent diseases in fruit tree nurseries. It
is also a common fertilizer supplementing copper trace element fertilizer for
crops. It can be used as base fertilizer and foliar fertilizer.

Copper deficiency in crops is the most common trace element

of copper deficiency in crops are: chlorosis of leaves, shortened internodes,
clusters, leaflets, short plants, and inhibited growth, causing rice "stiff
seedlings", corn "flower white seedlings", disease resistance, and increasing
yield by 10-30% Can significantly improve the quality of agricultural

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Introduction Of Copper Acetate Structure
Adaugat pe 09/01/2020 03:04:52

acetate monohydrate, and similar Rh (II) and Cr (II) tetraacetates all adopt a
"Chinese lantern" structure. One oxygen atom of each acetate is bonded to one
copper atom, the Cu-O bond length is 197pm; two water molecule ligands occupy
the upper and lower, and the Cu-O bond length is 220pm. The distance between two
five-coordinated copper atoms is 265pm, which is close to the Cu-Cu distance
(255pm) in metallic copper. This Cu2 (OAc) 4 (H2O) 2 dimer unit structure is
mainly bonded by hydrogen bonding in the crystal. Other small molecular ligands
such as dioxane, pyridine and aniline can replace the water in the dimer.

two copper atoms interact with each other. At room temperature, the magnetic
moment is 1.40BM, but it decreases with decreasing temperature (such as 0.36BM
at 93K). At 253K, the magnetic susceptibility exhibits a maximum value, which is
calculated from the adjacent The exchange between copper atoms is 286 cm-1,
indicating that the copper atoms in the dimer are bonded by a weak covalent
bond. Due to the opposite cancellation of the spin directions, Cu2 (OAc) 4 (H2O)
2 is essentially antimagnetic, and this structure has made an important
contribution to the development of modern antiferromagnetic coupling

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What To Pay Attention To When Using Copper Acetate
Adaugat pe 02/01/2020 03:17:44
dissolved in water, the free copper ions can destroy the activity of the
oxidoreductase system in the insect body, hinder the metabolism of the insect
body or combine the protein of the insect body into a protein salt. It has now
become a common insecticide and algicide for fishermen . However, if it is not
used properly, it will not have the effect of insecticidal treatment, but will
affect the growth of the fish body and even cause poisoning death.

the following matters must be paid attention to when using copper

The toxicity of copper acetate is directly proportional to the water
temperature, so it should generally be used better in sunny mornings, and the
dosage should be reduced according to the water temperature.

The amount of copper acetate is directly proportional to water body fertility,
organic and suspended matter content, salinity, and pH value, so in the process
of use, the appropriate amount should be selected according to the specific
conditions of the pond.

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How To Produce Copper Acetate
Adaugat pe 26/12/2019 03:04:28
are two main production methods of
wet and dry. The raw materials used in the wet process are generally copper
wastewater, which results in low main content of copper acetate products, high
content of heavy metals, poor product quality, and serious environmental
pollution. Therefore, it is currently difficult for companies adopting this
process to be in the industry Survival, copper acetate produced by this process
is generally used on ordinary pigments; the raw materials used in the dry
process are relatively pure, the main content of the product is about 98% -99%,
and the content of heavy metals is generally 100ppm, and the content of acid
insolubles is extremely easy to exceed the standard .

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The Harm Of Copper Acetate
Adaugat pe 19/12/2019 03:03:27

be safe when used. After use, residual products should be disposed of as
hazardous waste, and should not be placed randomly. Copper acetate is harmful to
aquatic organisms and will adversely affect the noise of aquatic

production staff of copper acetate workshops must take safety measures such as
work clothes, protective masks and other protective equipment; ensure that the
production workshop is well ventilated, but at the same time, there are certain
requirements for tightness to avoid leakage to the surrounding

acetate has a shelf life. Whether it is purchased or used, you must first
observe whether the product is within the effective use period. If you catch a
fire, you can use water and various fire extinguishers to fight the

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8-hydroxyquinoline Copper Has Important Environmental Significance
Adaugat pe 12/12/2019 03:10:42

is of great significance to the sustainable development of the environmental
protection industry and the feed industry. A lot of research has been done on
the application effect and action mechanism of feed grade additive 8-quinolinol
copper in animal production at home and abroad.

and metabolism of
feed additive in monogastric animals

grade additive 8-hydroxyquinoline copper is insoluble in water, easily soluble
in neutral salts and acidic solutions, can be dissolved in the digestive tract
and can be digested and absorbed or act on the intestine.

pigs and chickens with high copper diets (150-400 mg / kg), the increase in
blood copper was not significant after replacing copper sulfate, but the liver
copper content increased significantly (Luo et al., 2005). Liver copper is an
evaluation index, and the biological titer of copper sulfate is

biological titer of alkali copper is 106% ~ 128% (Miles et al., 1998; Luo et
al., 2005). The biological potency of alkaline copper in low-copper beef cattle
diets is 132% (in plasma copper), 118% (plasma tolinin), and 196% (liver copper)
(Spears et al., 2004).

the biological titer of alkali copper has not been reported in the diets of pigs
and chickens (

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Safety Knowledge Of Copper Acetate Use
Adaugat pe 05/12/2019 03:02:14

The ability of
kill pathogens varies with changes in the water environment. In general, its
toxicity increases with increasing temperature, and decreases with increasing
pH, organic matter, and salt.

the dosage should be flexibly controlled according to the specific conditions of
the water environment.

Excessive copper acetate can cause necrosis of kidney tissues, destruction of
hematopoietic tissues, and increase of liver fat. It may also remain in the
gills, muscles and liver of fish, hinder the absorption of intestinal tract, and
affect fish feeding and growth , So it cannot be used often.

The safe concentration range of copper acetate is small. In general use, copper
acetate with a concentration of 0.5 ppm to 0.7 ppm is splashed in the whole pool
or immersed in copper acetate with a concentration of 8 ppm for 20 to 30

it is necessary to accurately measure the volume of aquaculture water when using
it, and to correctly calculate the amount of medicine used.

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